Cha cha cha changes.....

Here I am back at the old blogging - how long for I am not quite sure, how often? I wouldn’t like to put a number on it but the best I can give is when I’ i the right mood.

In the last 6 months my life has changed dramatically and for the better. I have moved towns, I have a new partner, new job - new everything (same Bazinga though). I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been. I think we often don’t know how things should be until someone comes and smacks you in the face and shows you - full throttle. There can be so many instances in life where people just settle, settle in jobs that are actually quite numbing on the soul, settle with partners because that’s the way it’s been for so long. Well, someone came along, ‘Oi’ed’ at me and showed me how I should be treated, proceeded to sweep me off my feet and is still doing so. For once in my life I went with my heart and it was the best decision ever. EVER.

Our relationship didn’t have the easiest of starts, our environment shall I say, was the stressful part. There were a lot of times we could’t see each other properly for days or talk pretty much all day and in all honestly it was heart wrenching sometimes. The one person you want to speak to or get a hug off and you can’t even though they were only 10ft away. Having to lie and sneak around was at times quite tense for both of us too but you can’t stop what the heart wants. Once it had all come out in the open it was a lot better, for us anyway. Unfortunately to a few other people our relationship hit a personal nerve and made us out like we were doing something wrong. And we weren’t, not in the slightest. I was the happiest I had been, so much so many of my colleagues had been commented on it, my partner was bouncing around like he was the luckiest man in the world - what was wrong here? it was against the work rules but still to this day I don’t think it warranted the negativity and nay sayers comments it got. I understand hiding things from people isn’t nice but some peoples responses were down right rude. At the time when I thought this I didn’t say because I was in a stomach sickening position where I really shouldn’t have said anything of my own opinion on the matter (as it ay have made it worse). But actually, I am disappointed in some peoples reactions. You would think that people could just be happy you’re happy, healthy and safe surly…

At one point in my life my career, I would say, was the most important thing to me. I had a carefully thought of plan for the next 4/5 years and I was going to hit every goal I wanted. I always had control over the career part of my life and I always will - but something became far more important than that, someone. And I wouldn’t change that for anything. I discarded the rules to help and be there for someone because soon after I met them I knew - I knew this was going to be something and I wasn’t about to let him slip by.

Being happy in life is important, being happy with the choices you make, ,the job you’re in, being happy with the person you spend the most time with, being happy with yourself, being happy in your own company and in the company of someone else. I realise i’m talking like i’m a wise ol owl but I feel I have had a wake up call. Life is far too short to settle or put up with things. Everyone has the right to be loved fully and life should be exciting, loving, filled with laughter and smiles all round, filled with really good friends who don’t mind if you don’t speak all the time and filled with elements that make your life better.

I feel happy and more like myself than I have felt in many years. I plant to start doing a bit more blogging when I can and have a more of an online presence like i did but the main focus is myself, my gorgeous partner and Bazinga. I am already starting to plant some seeds for the garden to flourish this year and I’m looking forward to it all in bloom. Getting back into the good life mode in the countryside.

Do things that make you happy and surround yourself with people that make your life fulfilled.

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