The Pip Box

I've been rather quiet on the blog front the last few months, I've recently started a new job and it's been non stop since then. But I have been wanting to get my blog senses tingling again and the perfect opportunity arrived for me. The lovely people behind the subscription box The Pip Box* got in touch with me to see if I wanted to review their November box, this is a beauty subscription box I have been keeping a close eye on online so I jumped at the chance to try this fab looking subscription box. 

The Pip Box is not just any beauty box, ALL products in their boxes are ALWAYS cruelty-free, they offer a cruelty-free box or a cruelty-free and vegan box. In each box there is a selection of 5 beauty items which can be make-up, skincare/bath/body or hair care. The total contents of the box will always come to more than what you're actually paying for the subscription box so it's total value for money. I think subscription boxes are fabulous way to try new brands out. I know I have found many products I now swear by through subscription boxes so it's worked for me in the past. The Pip Box promote the cruelty-free message loud and proud so it fills me with absolute confidence that they truly done their homework regarding the brands they include in the subscription box - peace of mind. 

First impressions of the box. All the items were wrapped together in pink tissue paper, with a leaflet of information on all the items that are in the box on the inner lid which are both nice touches. On this handy leaflet there are some essential discount codes too if you wanted to make a future purchase of any of the products, especially with Christmas coming up these will be useful! In this November box I received Made By Coopers Vanilla Rose Bath Salts (rrp £5), Tisserand Aromatherapy Hand Cream (rrp £7.95), Figs & Rouge Invisible Pores Night Detox Serum (rrp £30), Saturated Colour Locked Lips Lipstick Sealer (rrp £3.50) and a Saturated Colour Moisturising Lipstick (rrp £7). A great mix in my eyes, a bit of everything and I think the amount of products in the box is plenty. I did used to get a beauty subscription box some time ago and you received about 8 or 9 products and I never used them all by the time the next box came around so they just built up and I ended up cancelling the subscription because it was far too much. This amount is just perfect. 

Why choose cruelty-free? I don't believe anyone would want to use a product knowing and seeing that it's been tested on an animal. People still use brands that test on animals because they don't know and often don't want to see the truth because they like the brand so much. BUT, cruelty-free doesn't mean you compromise on quality, variety or price. Like everything there are higher priced and lower priced brands, high street and online. There are LOADS of brands that not only refuse to test on animals as a general stance but also refuse to sell in countries where it is required by law for a product to be tested on animals before sale (like China). Unfortunately a lot of the big brands have decided that an animals well being and life is not worth a second thought and so are happy for their products to be tested. I changed to cruelty-free items about three years ago and I have been able to replace everything and I don't spend any more than I did previously - there is literally no excuse! So when cruelty-free subscription boxes like The Pip Box come along it is the PERFECT way to move cruelty-free beauty into your life and ditch the animal tested products! 

The Pip Box offers a few options, you can subscribe on a month to month pay basis for £14.99 )plus £3.35 pp) or a three month bundle, which works out a bit cheaper at £13.50 per month (plus £3.35 pp). You can also buy vouchers for various months including a one month if you want to just try the box as a one off. If you do the month by month basis there is also no contract or pressure so if you feel you need a break or want to completely stop for a while you can at any time without complication an equally, start your subscription up again whenever you want. 

So what do I think of the box? Bloody brilliant is what I say! I love that they passionately offer cruelty-free, I love that they offer vegan and I love they started the business because they 100% believe in cruelty-free cosmetics and that everyone should be using them. You can read some of their passions and reasons behind the name (warning - there are some SUPER CUTE dog pictures) on their About Us section on their site.  The Pip Box is great to pamper and treat yourself or to give as a gift. I shall definitely be purchasing one in the future and I will be highly recommending it to lots of people! I have already used a few of the products and I'm looking forward to trying the rest.

If you did want to give The Pip Box a go for yourself or as a gift (and I highly recommend it) here is an exclusive discount code, if you enter MICADAY1 at checkout you will get £1.50 off your box (this applies to new monthly plans and gift subscriptions too), so why not give it a try?! 

If you had any questions about the box, products or anything else The Pip Box are very active on social media so just reach out, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter an Instagram


The Pip Box = LOVE IT! 



*PR Sample, please see my disclaimer here.