Soapnuts - The Best Laundry Product Around.

There's no denying it, I LOVE these nuts! Aside from sounding slightly amusing every time I mention to someone how much I love these nuts, these Soapnuts are actually a work of genius. I've been using these Soapnuts from Living Naturally as my laundry cleaner for a few years now so I wanted to share my experience and knowledge in the hope other people might think about giving these fabulous nuts a go.

So - what actually ARE Soapnuts?

'Living Naturally Soapnuts or Soapberries are actually dried fruit shells which contain real natural soap and are 100% completely natural...Soapnut fruits actually contain a natural soap called saponin, which is released when they come into contact with water'

So as you can see, Soapnuts are pretty damn awesome! A natural berry/nut that can clean things, when I found out about this product I couldn't fathom why I hadn't heard about them before - it seemed like such an amazing product. Other than the incredibly natural and toxic chemical free elements of this product, I also like that there is no environmental impact. For one, these Soapnuts don't come in ANY plastic packaging, if you buy a bag it comes in a reusable canvas bag. If you go on to make another purchase of the nuts you can buy them in a paper refill bag and when they arrive you can just fill up your original canvas bag so you're not creating any unrecyclable waste. Once you have used these Soapnuts they go straight in your food bin as these are 100% biodegradable and compostable like other food products. AND if that wasn't enough, the natural soap inside isn't harmful or toxic to the oceans and marine life in any way. Soapnuts tick SO many boxes and below are a few more that I feel I must point out. 

Being Palm Oil Free was another big pull for me, Palm Oil is in so many things that it is pretty much unavoidable and it contributes to a phenomenal amount of suffering - to the environment and animals. So it's really lovely to find a cleaning product and brand that is absolutely dead set on never using it as an ingredient. 

How to use : Put 5-7 Soapnuts in the small canvas bag (If you order a normal bag of nuts (not a refill bag) you always get a small canvas bag to put the nuts in to go in with your washing), drop 2/3/4 drops of essential oil in the small canvas bag with the nuts. I like to use Orange, Lemongrass or Bergamot essential oil which I also get from this brand. Tie the small bag up (ALWAYS double knot the bag though, if you just do it once you'll have nuts everywhere in the washing machine drum - trust me!). Then put the small bag that has your nuts and oil in, in the drum in the middle of you washing and boom - put your washing on. You don't put anything in the drawer and I have found you don't need any fabric conditioner using these (I've never been a huge fan of fabric conditioner, I have found a lot them have irritated my skin and not to mention most of them have animal fat in - YUCK). The nuts don't dry out your clothes at all and using essential oils means your clothes smell lush anyway. You don't have to use any oil if you don't want to - in which case your washing will just be clean and fresh, no other scent - I often do this for towels and bedding.  Once you've finished your washing, put the nuts in the food bin (or save to use for a second wash) and hang the small canvas bag up somewhere to dry out ready for next time. 

For me, Soapnuts are pretty darn awesome. You can do so many other things with them as the brand Living Naturally have proven. All of their products have Soapnut soap in them - soaps, shampoo bars, shampoo, conditioner, laundry liquid, powder, skincare and oils. You can also do some creating at home, if you boil them in some water you can make washing up liquid to use or turn it into a surface spray. What a versatile nut! 

Even though this is a completely natural product another thing I do consider is the sourcing of the nuts themselves. Is this ethical done? Sustainable? Fair on the workers at the front of production? I am always pleased to see Living Naturally are completely open and honest about their sourcing and whats more - completely responsible. You can read about their supply chain and process' here

To top all of the above off, I just wanted to tell you about the pricing and compare it against what I used to spend on laundry products. For 1 Kilo of organic Soapnuts (from Living Naturally) it costs £11.99 (or £10 if you're buying a refill paper bag) and this gives you 480 washes (as you can use the nuts more than once). I used to buy a plastic bottle of laundry liquid for £9.99 which would only do 50 washes - you don't have to be a mathematician to work out which one is more cost effective! Even with the £3/£4 added for essential oil every other month it was still costing me less and who doesn't want to save some money right?

Has this post got you curious about these little nuts of wonder? Why not consider trying Soapnuts and seeing how you get on, they're better for you and the environment. Check out Living Naturally for all your Soapnut needs and I can also HUGELY recommend their skincare and shampoo bars, all completely natural - no nasty ingredients and nothing bad for your skin, your health or the environment. Living Naturally is one of my favourite brands and whats more the people behind it have such passion behind what they do and they're extremely nice - whats not to love! 

Soapnuts - best thing EVER