Melting Pot Fudge

When it comes to treats, I always preferred chocolate but most of all, I absolutely LOVED fudge. My mum always used to get me some for Christmas and even from a young age I remember really pacing myself with it because it was so good I didn't want it to go! Since being vegan, I have found a few brands that do vegan fudge, one very early on that resembled butter tablet fudge and that was superb. Recently through my monthly Vegan Kind subscription box I have come into contact with another brand that specialises in fudge - Melting Pot. Needless to say when I opened my Vegan Kind box and I saw there was fudge within, it lasted all of five minutes! I got in touch with Melting Pot to see if they wanted to collaborate somehow, I loved their product and wanted to shout about it (and eat it). The next week I received one of the tastiest looking deliveries I have ever received, I had been sent some of their Stem Ginger & Chocolate*, Chocolate & Orange*, Madagascar Vanilla* and Chocolate fudge* - a glorious looking selection.

Melting Pot is a brand that offers fondue, fudge and dairy free fudge (I am really hoping they're working on a dairy free fondue - drooling just thinking about it!). The family business is Blackthorn Foods and they run out of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Looking on their About section on their website, it seems like this brand has just blossomed. It's really nice finding a small business that has grown in popularity because of their great quality products, so not only was I happy I had the chance to try their range of dairy free fudge, but I was also really happy that I could support them and spread the word about the delicious treats they were offering. 

'We pride ourselves in producing a high quality handmade fudge made in open pots in the traditional way. Unlike many commercial fudge manufacturers our range of fudges are produced in small batches, hand beaten, hand cut and then wrapped. This gives our fudges a unique taste and texture that wins awards year on year.'

So how did the award winning fudge taste?.......DELECTABLE! 

I cut all the fudge into cubed pieces and jumped straight in. What I first noticed was the texture, some free from foods can have no resemblance to the original and that can be quite disappointing. But with this, this was PERFECTION. I went for the Chocolate fudge first and all I can describe my reaction as was some kind of zen like state. This fudge hit every kind of taste spot you can think of. It was so delicious as I write this I wish I had some in front of me right now! The Chocolate Orange fudge was next, I am a lover of orange tasting things and this was no different. Really tasty and the orange wasn't too overpowering - I hadn't had orange fudge before so it was great to be able to try to try this combination. The Madagascan Vanilla I already knew was delicious but I thoroughly enjoyed having another block of it. Lastly to the Stem Ginger & Chocolate, I was a little unsure if this combination would work but to my surprise it absolute does work. The ginger didn't make me cringe with horror and indeed, it goes with the chocolate very nicely. 

So, I think I can honestly say I LOVED this fudge. The chocolate was definitely my favourite, followed by the vanilla, the chocolate orange and then the stem ginger. The texture was on point and the taste was sensational. If like me, you're a fudge fan - vegan or non vegan, I highly recommend you get your hands on some of this Melting Pot fudge. You wouldn't know this is dairy free at all, they really have got their recipe down. I've already made another order because I was so impressed by it, the fudge costs £2 per bar and for a piece of quality fudge I think this is very reasonable. If you want to find out more about Melting Pot and see the fabulous ranges they do you can head to their website, or you can get in contact through their Facebook page. 

Get some Melting Pot fudge in your life!




*PR sample, see my disclaimer here