Koko Dairy Free Milk

Dairy milk is a product that is in such high demand all over the world there is no way that it can be produced humanely or slightly natural. Long gone are the days when the countryside was full of cows grazing, enjoying life and local produce was thriving. Unless you live in a small village and actually know the cow your milk has come from, all of the below has happened in abundance...

  • A cow has to be repeatedly pregnant all through her life to produce milk, this is done through artificial insemination.
  • When the cow gives birth to her calf she has but a few minutes with her newborn before it is dragged away to either become veal on someones plate or if it is a female, she could face a life of misery in the dairy industry.
  • The years of being constantly pregnant and milked virtually to death take their tole on the cow, by the end they can hardly walk, their udders have become so sore and huge from the constant abuse even moving is a huge struggle.
  • Cows often get infections such as mastitis and a percentage of this infection called 'pus' can legally be and is in the finished product of milk which you drink.
  • Once they have lived out their use they are chucked in the meat truck off to slaughter. 
  • The average life span of a dairy cow is 4/5 years, the average natural life span of a cow is 25.

If you don't want to contribute to the dairy industry, you don't have to. We are lucky to live in a age where there is a plethora of delicious plant based milks available in the supermarkets. One of my favourite is Koko Dairy Free coconut milk. From the very start of my vegan journey Koko Dairy Free has been a huge part of it and I feel they have been with me every step of the way. I know some of the team at Koko quite well by now (and they seem to be huge fans of my cat) so I am always happy to spread the Koko love by doing some blogs for them. This time they have sent over some cartons of their fresh coconut milk* with their brand new spanking logo on, it was also really lovely to see they put in something extra too, a tub of their delicious dairy free spread* which I am a big fan of (you can see my past blog post on this here). 

Koko Dairy Free milk is a coconut based milk, but unlike a lot of coconut milks on the market, it isn't overpoweringly sweet which is one of the reasons why I like it - some are just too much. I enjoy this milk on my cereal, in a smoothie and it also goes great with coffee. Generally it tastes pretty darn good and I even enjoy just having a glass of it. It's definitely one of the more pleasant milks to drink on its own, it's not too thick and it doesn't curdle in hot drinks (almond milk in coffee curdles like crazy - just a warning!).

This milk has no GMO ingredients either, I have had in depth discussions with members of Koko who have looked into the production process for me and they have assured me there are no GMO ingredients which is great. As well as being free from lots of things (see right pic) this milk contains oodles of calcium, vitamins D2 and B12. So not only is it a better alternative to dairy milk because there is NO cruelty involved but it's also full of healthy goodness! 

It's been so nice to see the popularity of this brand grow and they have products in every supermarket so they're hugely accessible. Not only do they do this original milk, they also offer it in a light, chocolate and strawberry version (they also offer UHT versions of the milk). On top of these they do some very scrumptious yogurts (which I had the chance to blog about) Lemon & Coconut being my favourite, dairy free spread (see my blog post) and coconut oil - they really have got the kitchen covered! I absolutely love the coconut oil too, its the only thing I cook with. There is always a bottle of Koko Dairy Free in my fridge or cupboard and I like it as much as I did when I first discovered it. They've recently had a slight revamp of the logo on the milks and I think it looks great, I think the branding overall of this company is completely on point, just like their ethos. 

If you haven't tried Koko Dairy Free milk yet I'd thoroughly recommend it, plant based milks aren't just for vegans, everyone should try some different milks and I only wish I didn't wait until a few years ago to do so. Why not consider swapping or adding it into your next shopping trip? Thinking on the environmentally positive side too, I have reduced my plastic waste considerably since drinking plant based milks as they all come in cardboard cartons. These are recycled much easier and start to biodegrade a LOT quicker where as most plastic doesn't even have that capability.

Better for you, better for the animals and better for the planet! 

If you want to find out more about Koko Dairy Free and what products they offer you can find them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as their website. The whole team is extremely nice at Koko so if you have any questions make sure you get in touch. 



*PR Sample, please see my disclaimer here