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Elixirs Of Life is a fairly local brand to me that I discovered this year, who knew this fabulous natural skincare range was on my doorstep?! Natural skincare is something I now never compromise on, not only does it have to be cruelty-free and vegan but every product that is designed to help my skin needs to be as natural as possible, kind to my face and the environment. I was so pleased to come across this brand, Gill who is the magic hands behind the brand is so passionate about her range of natural products and whats more - so in the know about the ingredients she uses in them. All Elixir products are handmade, most products are vegan (bar a few containing beeswax) and absolutely nothing is tested on animals. All of the products from this brand are also free from petro-chemicals, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, parabens and SLS. Elixirs Of Life also only uses reputable suppliers and in particular, uses a sustainable palm oil supplier. You can take a look at the Elixir website for a real thorough look into their ethos and ingredient policy, this brand is 100% open and honest (another box checked for me) and I know Gill is only too happy to answer any questions because I'm sure I grilled her and she was perfectly fine about it! 

Once chatting to Gill and finding out about all the natural goodness in her products I was really keen to try some of the range, Gill very kindly sent me some products to try - a Gentle Face Exfoliator* (£15 - 100ml) and an Eye Firming Cream* (£15.99 - 15ml) . I was assured that her products are great for even the most sensitive of skins which is great because sometimes my face can just go - NOPE NOT TODAY! So I was hoping nothing would bring my face out. Eye cream wise, I've never been one for a eye cream routine which is probably a massive rookie error because I should have thought about the ageing process years ago in preparation but hey - starting now must be something right? I was very much looking forward to trying these two natural skincare products and seeing how effective they were. 

Over the last few years I have been a true investigator into exfoliating products, I vowed never to buy anything with plastic microbeads in again and am always looking for natural alternatives. Body scrub wise I love a coffee scrub but I have found a coffee, sugar or salt scrubs are far too harsh for my face. So when Gill mentioned this Gentle Face Exfoliator I was very intrigued. I was pleased to see that stated on the packaging was 'FREE from marine damaging plastic microbeads' - she'd hooked me in! The exfoliating elements of this product are actually fine grain sized Jojoba beads extracted from the waxes of the Jojoba plant. I had never used a product with this being the exoliant but I had tried products using crushed nuts and other seeds before but never jojoba beads so I was intrigued to see how effective this would be. You only need a pea size amount on your finger, you can apply it to a dry or damp face (I went for damp) and with your fingers just work it around your face and neck, paying attention to the areas that get congested - mine for example is my oily t-zone. This product is pact full of mixed essential oils and natural scents like lavender, it smells lovely and calming and really was a pleasure to put over my face. I could feel the gains of Jojoba but it was a very subtle feeling. My skin didn't feel scratched at all, just a light exfoliation. Once washed off my skin felt lush, scrubbed clean but not harsh in any way - silky smooth. You don't want exfoliate your face too regularly, the recommendation for this one is 1-2 times a week, after all the skin on your face is quite delicate. I followed this process with my usual Miss Organics facial oil and my skin felt refreshed and extremely smooth. 

Eye creams are something I've always been a bit sceptical about and reluctant to use because I think a lot of them are full of hocus pocus but I was fully invested in giving this one a go. This Eye Firming Cream is packed full of Omega 3&6 and vitamins A&E to give the skin around your eyes the necessary boost they may need. The key with this eye cream is to use it sparingly, I put the cream under my eye and at the edge (to battle off crows feet!). With eye cream I think it's best if you don't pull on the skin so dabbing or lightly moving over the skin is best (you don't want to create lines). This cream is lovely and thick which is why you only need a small amount - a little goes a long way. I have now been using this cream for over a month and I LOVE it (not to mention I still have just over half the bottle left), I initially said I was extremely sceptical because realistically, nothing can turn back time but there are products out there that can help keep your skin in good condition and so - look a lot better and this is definitely one of them. I have noticed the skin under my eyes has absolutely been looking less lined and much more moisturised. I use a facial oil every day but obviously this isn't really enough to keep the skin under my eyes quenched and looking great. In short, LOVE THIS EYE CREAM! And as Gill promised, I had no bad reaction to the cream at all. 

My first experience of Elixirs Of Life natural skincare has been fantastic, it's so nice to know that what I'm putting on my skin contains no nasty chemicals and only natural ingredients that will benefit my skin. I think this brand offers great natural skincare at reasonable prices, you pay for the quality of the product and the natural ingredients it contains. I would highly recommend both of these products to anyone, especially those with sensitive skin. This eye cream is definitely a keeper and now a permanent edition in my skincare routine.

You can find Elixirs Of Life on Facebook and Twitter. You can also get in touch through the website, if you have any questions don't hesitate in getting in touch with Gill - she's happy to help! 


Why not give this natural skincare brand a go? 




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