6 Natural Skincare Brands I Love And Trust

Theres a lot of greenwashing out there, a lot of brands say natural and organic but when you delve deeper into them they aren't so natural. Some products claim to be natural but they may not be entirely what they claim. As I use natural skincare now (as well as being cruelty-free and vegan) I thought I was share my 6 top brands that not only have fabulous natural products, but ones that I completely trust - ones I trust to be and do what they say on the tin! 

White Rabbit Skincare

White Rabbit Skincare is brand I can't shout about enough! I am totally in love with their Comfort Cleansing Balm, it is no doubt the best cleanser I have ever used and whats more, its brilliant for my skin. I am also a huge fan of their Chamomile and Carrot Seed Eye Cream, I hadn't really used an eye cream before but as they years are ticking by I thought it might be and idea to try and stop time - or at least slow it down! White Rabbit offer handmade natural skincare, all really quality products all made with huge amounts of passion and knowledge. If you're looking to add a few natural products into your beauty and skincare regime I would thoroughly recommend giving White Rabbit a look. I have had the pleasure of meeting Melanie (the brains behind the brand) and I have quite a lot of contact with her on social media, she is a LOVELY person and cares so much about her business and the products she puts out there. This is something that you completely miss with bigger mainstream brands. Lovely products and lovely brains behind it all. 

Heavenly Organics Skincare

This brands does two of my favourite products, a Detoxifying Face & Boyd Mask and an Unscented Clay Cleanser. Heavenly Organics have a HUGE range of natural skincare, ranging from body oils, lip balms, scrubs, men care, baby products and the list goes on! You can check out their entire range here. All these products are handmade by truly expert hands. I have know this brand for sometime and I know they feel very strongly about completely natural and vegan skincare. Really top quality products and a brand that cares about the products it's putting out to the people. Remember, whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body - that's something I wish I thought more about years ago. All the years of putting god knows what onto my skin, not even thinking about it, drying out my skin and making some skin concerns worse! Well, natural is certainly the way to go. This brand only uses the most natural of ingredients too and all organic. This brand ticks all the right boxes and the products are 100% effective without compromising on ingredients or quality. 

Living Naturally

I thank this brand eternally for introducing me to soapnuts, they really have made such a difference to my life in the most positive way. Moving from plastic bottled laundry liquid has done me, my laundry, my skin and the environment a HUGE amount of good. Not only does this brand offer soapnuts for laundry but they have created a hell of a lot of natural skincare products from the soapnut itself. They offer natural deodorant cream, balms, lip balms, shampoo, soap, conditioner, bath tub teas and shampoo bars. Who knew so much could come from a nut! I really like their fragrance free soap bars and the coconut shampoo bar - makes my hair feel amazing! I really like using bars if I can, I like to reduce my plastic waste when I can. The soapnuts and the soapnut skincare are great for anyone with sensitive skin or any allergies, heavily perfumed products never work well for me so soap and shampoo bars like these have really helped me. Even though Living Naturally offer some scented products, nothing they use should bring out your skin in any rash, they only use natural ingredients but if you are worried they offer fragrance free ones too. Give this fabulous nut a try!  

The Green Woman

Natural Deodorant - something I wish I had heard of years ago. In most mainstream brands of deodorant there are ingredients such as liquid plastics (sometimes under the name Polyethylene) and Aluminium - ALUMINIUM! This element has been linked to cancer cell growth - that for me is well enough of a deterrent never to use a deodorant with these ingredients again. I went and found a few natural deodorants that I like and this is one of them. This comes in a cream form and I can't recommend it enough. It is 100% effective and the ladies at The Green Women know their stuff, they have thoroughly looked into all their ingredients and what effect they have on you and the environment. Again, the small business' seem to be the ones that really care. I have recommended this deo to a few friends and they absolutely love it - if you want to move away from deodorant products with potentially harmful chemicals in, The Green Woman has you covered! I would also recommend looking at the following resources if you're interested in reading about possible harmful chemicals in various products, Chemical Loading from The Green Woman website and 'Are you being exposed' from Breast Cancer UK

Miss Organics

Miss Organics Perfect Balance Facial Oil was revolutionary for me. Prior to this I had been through various facial moisturisers (let alone all the ones I had tried pre vegan that were filled with nasty ingredients). I was always very skeptical about facial oils because I have oily combination skin and I thought it would just make me oilier (which isn't pretty for anyone) but I was pleasantly surprised and I haven't looked back since. Even if you have an oily face, your face still needs moisturising to keep things in balance. This product contains only natural organic ingredients, to me now that is so important - I want to make sure I have no bad ingredients leeching into my skin. I can also vouch for the Miss Organics body oils and lip balms, all really lovely products to use and quench your skins thirst! 

Earth Conscious

Earth Conscious produce natural deodorants, recently they have added to their range in the form of a baby balm and I believe they have a few more products on the horizon. I met this brand nearly a year ago, we connected pretty instantly and I had the opportunity to collaborate with them on one of their vegan deodorants. Needless to say I loved them and loved their product. This company not only has your natural skincare needs at the front of its mind but this brand is really earth conscious (wonder where they got the name right? haha) with careful consideration put into their packaging and the effect their ingredients could have on the enviroment. I always try to reiterate to people how important a natural deodorant is, do you know what's in that product you're putting on your skin everyday? Do you know the damage it could be causing you? Earth Conscious is one of my go to deodorants and indeed I alternate using this and The Green Woman - NATURAL DEODORANT ALL THE WAY!


So - those are my top six brands and they have quite a few things in common which you definitely don't get with big, mainstream brands. The products are handmade, are completely natural and contain NO harmful ingredients, the products are fabulous for your skin and the people who own the brands actually care and of course, NONE of these brands test on animals. 

Why not give some natural skincare a go? I am so happy to say all the products from the above brands have never given me any bad reaction and in fact, my skin loves them.

Treat your skin to something wonderfully natural and it will thank you for it.! 


Go Natural!