You Could Be Washing Your Clothes With Animal Fat!

When I chat to people about cruelty-free items they are always so surprised that animal testing for cosmetic and household products actually goes on. They also shocked to hear that there are animal derived ingredients in everyday products, just because it doesn't state it on the front doesn't mean its not in there. This spurred me on to do my recent vlog about household products, I then decided to do an accompanying blog post which would include more details about the cruelty-free household products I personally use. I wanted to show how EASY it is to replace all your animal tested products with cruelty-free ones. Animal testing for cosmetic and household products is banned in the UK, however - there are many places in the world where it is not banned and some where animal testing is required by law. All the big companies that also own LOADS of brand sell to these countries and so, test their products on animals. When I found this out I decided I didn't want to put my money towards companies that think this is an acceptable way to do business. I also want to point out that even though a product may be cruelty-free that does NOT necessarily make it vegan, it does mean that the final product has not been tested on animals but it may or may not contain animal ingredients. 

There are lots of big companies that own lots of brands and unfortunately these are some of the most popular brands on the shelves. Some include - Unileaver, P&G, Colgate & Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Loreal, Revlon, Avon, Estee Lauder, Clinique, TRESemme, Pampers, Comfort, Bold, Pantene, Vaseline and the list goes on. (Here's the PETA list but there are also a lot more out there) 

You're paying a high price for a product that's been tested on innocent animals

The point of this post is not to depress you but to inspire you to not want to put your money towards a business that works like this. I want to show that there are decent, accessible, quality, effective and reasonable alternatives, you won't go without anything. There is NO NEED to buy products that have been tested on animals or buy ones that contain animal ingredients. Below are all the products I use, I have included prices etc to show you it doesn't cost the earth!  

Waitrose - ALL Waitrose own brand is now certified cruelty-free which is fantastic, so any Waitrose own brand household product you pick has not been tested on animals. None of the ingredients in those final products have been tested either which is great. I am in LOVE with a new range Waitrose have brought out, their Ecological range. Not only are ALL these cruelty-free and vegan but the bottles are made from at least 50% recycled plastic. The bottles themselves and caps are fully recyclable and the labels are printed with vegetable based inks. This range also states 'biodegradable' on the front of all the products, this means that the products have been tested and researched to have as little negative effect on the environment as possible. 


In this Ecological range they also do a floor cleaner, bathroom, glass and kitchen spray which I have yet to try. I'm so impressed by this range so far that I imagine the rest will be equally as efficient. I can also confirm now (I have triple checked) that the Waitrose Essential Washing Up Liquid I mention in my vlog is vegan, 500ml for 56p (not 55p as I state in the video - whoops!) Or they offer a 740ml size for 80p, which is also really good value for money.  Waitrose have certainly stepped it up a gear! I am certainly impressed with the quality and price of this product but once I finish this bottle I will be sticking to the Waitrose Ecological range washing up liquid. This is because they have ticked the environmental box for me as well as being cruelty-free and vegan. You can grab these items in store or Waitrose online, they are also available on Ocado

Marks & Spencers - M&S is another brand that has proudly taken the cruelty-free certification to their own brand products and like with Waitrose, the quality is very high. All M&S own brand beauty and household products are cruelty-free and none of their individual ingredients have been tested either. They also have a lot of products that are suitable for vegans. 

  • M&S Thick Active Toilet Gel - 750ml - £1.00 - vegan
  • M&S Bathroom Cleaner Spray - 500ml - 60p - vegan
  • M&S Citrus Washing Up Liquid - 450ml - 45p - vegan

M&S also do their own laundry liquid, fabric conditioners, dishwasher cleaners, washing tablets, kitchen, glass and multi-surface sprays too. I can confirm that the M&S Colours Laundry Gel is vegan, however the Ocean Fabric Conditioner and Sensitive Fabric Conditioner is NOT vegan as they both have beef tallow (beef fat) included in their ingredients. 

(FYI to find out if the Waitrose and M&S products were vegan I got in touch with them to clarify those particular products. If there's a product you're not sure of, reach out to the company to get clarification, you have a right to know).

Astonish - Astonish is one of the most reasonable brands out there and one that shouts its ethics and credentials from the rooftops. Astonish products are certified cruelty-free and vegan and they have those certifications clear on all their products (one product hasn't got the vegan certification on as it is a leather cleaner, however this contains NO animal ingredients). 

I can also vouch for their Washing Up Liquids (600ml - £1.00) and all their surface cleaners and sprays (750ml - £1.00). You can find Astonish products in The Factory Shop (which is where I purchase these products from, the prices I pay in The Factory Shop are the ones I have stated here), Savers, ASDA and many more, you can see their full retailer list here

Online brands I LOVE...

Living Naturally Soapnuts - I can honestly say Soapnuts have changed my life, Living Naturally is one of my favourite finds. Soapnuts are nuts that grow with natural soap inside and they clean your clothes - HOW FANTASTIC! I have been using these for over a year now and not only have they worked a treat but I have completely eliminated the plastic waste from using a laundry bottle every month. You can use these nuts several times and once you're finished with them they go in the food waste bin, they're so eco friendly. Here is a list of HUGE positives of using soapnuts - certified organic, 100% natural, hypoallergenic, non-polluting, compostable, no fillers, no foaming agents, no bleach, no phthalates, paraben free, certified vegan, sustainable, biodegradable, zero waste and cruelty-free. AWESOME right?! 

One 500g bag of soapnuts (£7.99) will do 240 washes! They do larger bags and sample packs as well as refills which include paper packaging, this brand for me is on the up and up and I know my love for it will continue.

Another online brand that I have a lot of love for is Humblestuff, this is a household brand that I came across on Twitter and I am constantly impressed by them. The lovely people behind the brand really care about their products and I mean care. You certainly don't get this kind of attention from many brands on the shelves. Humblestuff is loud and proud about being cruelty-free, vegan and environmentally friendly. They have carefully considered all their ingredients and the possible effects they can have on you and the environment. There is no BPA or bad chemicals in their products and yes -there are these type of chemicals in lots of mainstream products. They have also considered the very packaging they use, ensuring there is as little BPA as possible in their plastic packaging and their items are recyclable. Humblestuff offer surface sprays, cleaning paste and toilet fresheners.

So you see, your household products ABSOLUTELY can be cruelty-free, there are so many accessible brands out there for you. There is no need to support an animal testing company, don't give them your money. Invest in a company with good ethics, one that takes pride in their products and one that considers more than the money coming in. 

Here is my vlog on cruelty-free household products if you missed it! 

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