Soapnut Deodorant Cream

Since going cruelty-free over a year ago, I have been through many different brands of deodorant (this seems the hardest product to replace/find a cruelty-free alternative). I have found that with some of the more natural deo's they are rather ineffective, two products so far that have worked for me - Lush's Aromaco is brilliant, you buy this by the 100g (£4.95 per 100g) block, this is certified vegan, it lasts for ages and there is no packaging or waste. Fit Pit is a deodorant cream by The Green Woman,  it costs £8 for a 100ml jar (which you can recycle or re-use) is a three month supply, this the first Deodorant Cream I tried and I LOVED it. 

I was so happy to find out Living Naturally were going to launch a deodorant cream, all their other products I have tried have been fabulous so I was expecting this to be no different.  For those of you who don't know (though I big up this brand a lot so I would be surprised if you hadn't heard me singing their praise) Living Naturally is a brand of natural skincare, haircare and laundry products. For my laundry I only use their Soapnuts and essential oils (orange being my favourite to wash with) and I couldn't be happier with the results (they are also EXTREMELY eco friendly). I am also a huge fan of their natural body scubs and haircare range (so in fact I'm a fan of most of their products!). 

So their Citrus & Ylang Organic Deodorant Cream, what's in it? This deodorant only contains organic, natural and botanic ingredients. These include organic Shea - rich in vitamins A and E it soothes dryness and repairs damaged skin; Sodium Bicarbonate - eliminates bacteria and restores ph balance; organic Coconut Oil - cools, nourishes and detoxifies skin; organic Arrowroot - allows the product to go onto skin and soak in without any residue; pure essential oils - odour minimizing and of course the final and vital ingredient, organic wildcrafted Soapnut extract.

*"Organic Wildcrafter Soapnuts Extract has a stimulating effect to skin cells and helps the skin to produce its own hyaluronic acid, which creates better hydrate, softer and smoother skin. Inside the fruit there are also natural sugars which attract moisture and lock it in, making the skin more resistant and elastic - therefore helping it battle against dry and ageing skin".

 I try to get Living Naturally products into my skincare routine wherever I can - anything to halt the ageing process and I'm there! Does it work? Hell yea it does! Deodorant is a difficult product, even pre cruelty-free there were some big brands that didn't work for me (not that I over sweat) and every person is different so it really is a case of trying one's out for yourself. As I mentioned above, I have found my favourites along the way and this has definitely made it on to the list. You only need a good finger tip's worth of this per armpit (and honestly - a small amount will do the job) and just rub into your skin. The colour of this cream is a very light yellow and it has a very creamy texture, however there are tiny scrub like bits (possibly from the root powder) that add an exfoliating (but not harsh) element to the cream which I love! You can certainly smell the citrus scents in this, it isn't over powering at all but incredibly fresh smelling, I've got to say it was a joy to put this on in the morning (and I'm sure everyone around me was thankful too!). I also have fairly sensitive skin and I was initially worried prior to trying this product if the citrus scent and oils would be too strong for my skin but they weren't at all.  

I really think deodorant cream's are the way forward, these seem to be the most natural and effective (plus being cruelty-free and vegan) I have found. There is no waste with this product, you can literally scoop the pot clean. This pot - including the lid is fully recyclable (always try to think about the planet and ocean's when you can) or you could re-use it for something else. Not only are you helping the planet and being super eco friendly but this product has no nasty chemicals so you're not doing yourself any damage. This deodorant costs £8 and is a 2-3 month supply (depending on how much you load up on), not only is there the Citrus & Ylang scented Deodorant Cream - they also do a Fragrance Free cream which would be great for the extra sensitive skin types out there.

Living Naturally remain as one of my favourite brands and I hope they become yours too!

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