I had seen SGAIA foods on twitter and was intrigued by them and their products, reading about them they seemed to be at the very top of vegan fake meat cuisine, with a sleek and stylish brand to boot. I received a voucher in one of my monthly Vegan Kind box and decided I couldn't hold off any longer, I got in touch with SGAIA to see how we could work together. 

This discussion resulted in a lot of food! I orderied some burgers, I also received a free pack of their bacon rashers (free because of the voucher) and they very kindly put a steak* in for me to blog about. It's such a hard life being vegan, there's nothing to eat.....said no vegan - EVER! I had heard so many good things about this brand I really couldn't wait to tuck into the delights that came through my door. SGAIA create vegan meats that are entirely made from wheat, soy protein and very few other good plant based ingredients. The dons behind the creations are Hilary and Alberto, these two Italian's have created products that are not only vegan, but full of natural ingredients, nutrients and most of all - they're delicious! I also want to mention, when I first went to their website to eye up my future purchases, I was taken back by their website and branding design. It looks so professional and after talking to the SGAIA team and experiencing their foods - it is completely appropriate.  

Looking at the SGAIA selections I was really intrigued by their flavours and seasonings, the burgers in particular. I purchased the Burger Tasting Box for £12, this included four burgers. two Aromatico - a blend of sun-dried tomatoes, Italian Herbs and Onions and two Frgrante - Golden Peaches, Rosemary and a hint of Cinnamon (you can see what intrigued me). I was so pleased I decided to give these a go, I wouldn't usually go for a peach infused dinner food but I was pleasantly surprised. Both of these tasted really delicious, they went splendidly with some grated vegan Jeezo cheese and some home made rustic chips - perfect! What I also notice about these burgers - they're pretty sturdy, SGAIA actually state on their website that they 'will never fall apart on your barbecue', an affliction that does affect a lot of bean burgers so it's good to know these would go the distance. They have a Seitan type texture, which I love. The flavours were infused throughout and just made the meal so much more interesting than a plain burger. 

Steak - a word I haven't uttered for quite some time. I didn't know what to expect form SGAIA's Vegan Steaks, pre vegan I did enjoy a steak but thinking back to the whole experience I feel physically sick, so I was interested to see what this would be like and how I would feel about it. It had a similar look to a meat steak, but happily it was without all the cruelty and you could clearly see that so it didn't put me off. I read that these vegan steaks were incredibly versatile and went really well with any marinade. I decided to add a lemon and herb marinade to this steak, I soaked the steak in this over night and then fried it in Koko Dairy Free Coconut Oil

The steak really soaked up the flavours of the marinade well, it was so delicious. I decided to accompany this steak with some new potatoes, green beans and fried in the same pan - some yellow peppers. I was so impressed by this steak, it has - like the burgers got a Seitan chewy texture to it and I really like that it works with marinades. I didn't have to wait long for this meal either, as with all of the SGAIA foods, they are already pre-cooked so you're just reheating and getting them to the texture you want. I cooked this steak for about 10-15 minutes on a low heat to start, then increased as I wanted it a bit crispy on both sides. You can purchase a pack of three vegan steaks for £12, they also do different variety boxes that include the steaks too. 

The last delectable delight to try was the Streaky Bacon Rashers, these are smokey rashers with a hint of maple. I am already a fan of the vegan bacon's on the market such as Tofurky Tempeh Bacon and the VBits Cheatin Bacon so I was really looking forward to adding another favourite onto my list. In my opinion, SGAIA's streaky bacon rashers are a completely different ball game, firstly it's nice to see they don't look like shoe insoles and in fact they looked incredibly edible! As soon as I opened the pack I could smell the maple, the aroma was tantalising and the taste was even better. These didn't take long to cook and again I cooked them in Koko Dairy Free Coconut Oil. These streaky bacon rashers went perfectly in between two slices of fresh giraffe bread, so perfectly they didn't last long at all. You can purchase these rashers in a mulitpack for £15.50, or alternative as with the steaks - they are included in many of the variety boxes. 

I am so impressed with this brand, they really have surpassed my expectations. All of the meats are vacuum packed for freshness and hygiene purposes (this can be recycled). As well as the vacuum pack, the burgers come in brown paper packaging that is clearly labelled with the ingredients and nutritional information. The steak, along with being vacuum packed was also in a thin box, on the box was the corn/leafy design that is carried throughout their website, which I think looks very stylish and professional. On the back, there was the ingredient and nutritional information and within the box, there was a recipe card which was great. I am definitely going to be purchasing these SGAIA foods in the future, there is some of their range I still haven't tried so it won't be long until I put in another order. In my opinion, SGAIA foods are well worth the money, the quality of the products are unlike any other vegan fake meats I have tried and they all tasted amazing.

You can find SGAIA foods on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, if you have any questions you can get in contact via their website, this also being a great excuse to perooze their fabulous range. 



*PR Sample. Please see my disclaimer here