N'EAT Energy Bars

N'EAT energy bars, I was hoping these bars would live up to their name. I am always on the look out for snack bars that taste good and don't include 1000 calories! I approached a new snack bar brand I saw on Twitter to learn more about their foods and if they were suitable for vegans (they were) and as a result, I have been able to try all four of the N'EAT energy bars. 

N'EAT energy bars are a natural source of protein, these are also free from nuts, wheat, dairy and have no added sugar (meaning they only include natural occurring fruit sugars). There are four different bars - Apricot, Chia Seeds & Pumpkin Seeds*, Red Berry & Quinoa*, Banana, Chia Seeds & Multi Seeds* and Blueberry & Chia Seeds*. The one consistent ingredient in these bars are Chia seeds, I am A HUGE fan of these and I put them in my daily smoothie. Chia seeds are a great source of protein, omega-3, fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. So in a word, they are truly wondrous seeds! I was really surprised at the size of these bars, usually fruit/energy bars are fairly tiny and they don't really fill you up at all (or maybe that's just me?). For example, I think the NAKD bars are quite small and for what you pay for them - you really don't get a lot. But these N'EAT bars are quite large and are a really filling snack. 

The taste test - I am happy to say these all went down splendidly! These bars have a nice chewy and substantial texture to them while also being extremely tasty. You notice the seeds within these bars but you can't taste these really because the lovely fruit is so powerful (so if you're not seed person - don't be put off by the seed ingredients). My favourite out of these bars was the Blueberry & Chia Seeds and the Banana, Chia Seeds and Multi Seeds. I love blueberries and blueberry flavoured foods, its such a delicious and strong ingredient and the combination with the Chia Seeds was perfect, a really satisfying snack bar. The Banana bar was also really tasty, Banana I think is one of my favourite fruits. I especially like this bar because there are so many different types of seeds in the ingredients. Seeds are so good for your body, it was great that I could all this nutrition from just one bar and it still be really yummy. 

These bars tick many boxes for me, aside from their deliciousness, this is a brand that cares. I am happy to say N'EAT doesn't and will never use palm oil in their products. Palm oil is an ingredient that is used in a tremendous amount of foods and products but unfortunately it comes at an extremely high and destructive price, you can read about what effect the palm oil industry has on the planet and and animals here. It is truly lovely to see a brand taking a firm stand against the use of palm oil in their products, you can read more about the N'EAT stance here. Their packaging is also completely recyclable (it doesn't state this on the packaging but I double checked with the brand) so these bars are being considerate all round. N'EAT are also registered with The Vegan Society and this is clearly marked on their packaging. 

I'm so happy I was given the opportunity to try these bars, they were all really tasty and the brand overall definitely has a golden star from me. I really like the logo too, really bright and eye catching. These bars come up between £1.20 - £1.50 which I think is hugely reasonable for what you get. N'EAT are currently working on their stock list's so make sure you get in touch to see if there is one near you. You can find N'EAT on Twitter and Instagram so go say hello! 



*PR Sample. See my disclaimer here.