Miss Organics Face Oil

Facial oils were something of a phenomenon to me until recently, I had never used one for several reasons. Firstly, all the ones I had seen were very expensive, probably for good reason but I could never justify spending so much money on something that I wasn't sure was going to be right for me. I have done some research into some in the past and they all had mixed reviews which didn't help at all, then comes the decision on which one to pick. Oils or serums seem to be all the talk for ultimate skin hydration and anti-ageing properties but there was always something stopping me from taking that leap into trying one. I have always used a cream moisturiser (many over the years!) and I had been quite happy with them (ish). I came across a brand called Miss Organics over on Instagram that made me rethink, this brand specialises in lip balms and face and body oils. A few things jumped out at me immediately about this brand, they were very loud and proud about being cruelty-free, vegan, all natural and organic. Boxes I need ticked! 

I got into talks with the alchemist behind Miss Organics, Anna, through these discussions I really got to know the brand and most importantly of all, the passions behind it. I really loved how much Anna knew about her products and I mean everything. Every ingredient, where it came from and how it could help my skin. I explained I had oily/dry combination skin and Anna suggested the Perfect Balance Facial Oil*, I trusted Anna's knowledge and instincts and she very kindly sent me a bottle to try. This particular oil would help calm, restore and balance the oil production on my problem areas - It sounded perfect (and quite possibly a miracle worker?). I was still very apprehensive that this facial oil would just make me more oily - something I did not need, but I was assured by Anna that it would work well on my skin, soak in and not leave any residue. The ingredients in this oil include organic camelina, jojoba, evening primrose, tea tree oils, vitamin E, along with essential oils like bergamot, cedarwood and ylang ylang. There are NO synthetic ingredients in any of Miss Organics products, all of the ingredients in this oil are 100% natural, organic, ethical, sustainable and vegan.

I'm not a huge fan of floral scents, particularly geranium, Anna was great on advising me of the ingredients and scents in this oil and I'm so happy she recommended this one to me. When I opened the bottle there was a lovely herbal scent, a hint of lavender and citrus - relaxing is the best way to describe it. With oil, less is definitely more, as you can see from the above picture the oil comes with a pipette built into the lid. I use three drops on my left finger tips, I then rub both hands together to spread the oil. I then work the oil into my face, firstly paying particular attention to my dryer areas (such as my cheeks) but still making sure I go over my oily areas. I tend to leave these until last to make sure I get the moisture to where its needed the most first. There is also enough oil left on my finger tips to do my neck, I tend to rub this in in circular motions upwards. I was pleasantly surprised that this oil didn't make me any oilier and in fact, I think it has helped my t-zone. It soaks in straight away and my make-up also goes on perfectly afterwards.

So, my first experience with a face oil and what do I think? Well I love it! I never thought I would, I thought it would make me oilier and it just wouldn't work for me. Looking back over the years I have tried so many moisturisers and there's been some issues with most of them after a while. Since going cruelty-free there has only been MuLondon that has worked perfectly for my skin, I am happy to say this one from Miss Organics is at the same standard and for me, like MuLondon - its a keeper! I'm really in love with this product, it's a lovely pamper for my skin and I feel it really has helped. It's also great to know what I'm actually putting onto my skin too, as all the ingredients are completely natural there isn't anything bad in this oil at all. 

From just this one product I can tell Miss Organics is definitely at the high end for quality, it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to get this perfect and Anna at Miss Organics really has done it. This 20ml glass bottle is £32, now this is more than I would ever spent on skincare and I know many people where this is the standard price they spend and I am always in amazement. But, from using this and seeing the great effect it has had on my skin compared to so many other products I have tried, I will 100% be purchasing this in the future. In my eyes, this is completely worth it, I don't have a lot of skincare products but I would love to have one that is worth the investment and this face oil definitely is worth it. I also see it as great value for money, not only because of the quality product but because it lasts for ages. I have been using this for nearly two months, I use it every day and I still have half the bottle left.

Miss Organics do two other face oils for different skin types, they also do three body oils and three lip balms. I have one of the body oils to test and blog about and I can't wait! You can find Miss Organics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you go check out the Miss Organics website, if you have any questions I know Anna would only be too happy to help you. 



*PR sample. Please see my disclaimer here