Little's Natural Swiss Chocolate Coffee

One brand that I shout about a lot is Koko Dairy Free, their products are some of my favourite vegan products on the market. I have built up such a great relationship with them and I'm always so happy when I get the opportunity to collaborate with them. This is one of those times, Koko Dairy Free got in touch to see if I would be interested in testing and blogging about Little's coffee - would I?! Of course I would! I love coffee and It's always great to find new brands, I was very intrigued by this brand as they infuse their coffee with different flavours, one being chocolate. The next week I received a lovely parcel from Koko head quarters, full of goodies which included a jar of instant Little's natural Swiss Chocolate Coffee*. 

I hadn't seen Little's coffee in the shops yet but my mum actually mentioned Little's a month or so a go, bragging about all the flavours they offered. Firstly, they've already won me over with this jar, being infused with chocolate I'm sure it couldn't fail me. In their instant coffee range they also offer these flavours - Amaretto, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Orange, French Vanilla, Havana Rum, Irish Cream, Island Coconut, Maple Walnut, Rich Hazelnut, Christmas Spirit (sorry - I've mentioned Christmas....and it's August!) and Spicy Cardamon. I have some good news, all of these delicious sounding flavours are completely vegan! All of their coffees are, as well as these instant ranges they also offer infused ground coffees and a range of premium instant coffee's which includes a decaffeinated coffee. All of their coffee's are made with high quality Arabica coffee, they also use 100% natural flavours and there is no added sugar within the products.  

As soon as I took the lid off the jar I was under some chocolatey coffee spell, the scent was mouthwatering - I was looking forward to tucking in! I've found the best milk (unsurprisingly - because it tastes great) is Koko Dairy Free plain milk and I can assure you, this isn't just because I love the brand. I tried it with several milks including rice and almond, like with a lot of instant coffee's the almond milk just separated, the rice milk did taste nice but I much preferred the Koko milk. I like to mix the granules with some Koko milk first to make a creamy coffee solution and then add the water. The verdict? A chocolatey, coffee, creamy cup of deliciousness! A really tasty hot drink and a bonus - you don't get that horrid aftertaste that you get from usual instant coffee's. 

I honestly look forward to my afternoon coffee because of this drink, I haven't been drinking coffee at home for some months but this Little's natural Swiss Chocolate is something special. For me, I love something sweet in the afternoon (to pick me up from the long slog of the afternoon) and this really hits the spot. Trying this definitely makes me want to try their other flavours, I can only imagine that they all taste as good as this one. It is also worth noting that this coffee works as a cold coffee, perfect for these (odd) summery days. This Little's natural Swiss Chocolate Coffee is priced at £2.75 for a 50g jar, well worth it for the quality and unique flavourings. For those calorie conscience people out there, this coffee only contains 4 calories per serving (bonus). 

Want to give Little's a try? It couldn't be easier! Not only can you find all their ranges on their website to purchase but you can also find their instant ranges in Waitrose and Holland & Barrett. On social media? Well make sure you go say hello to Little's on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, from what I've experienced they have great customer service so if you have any questions about their products they will only be too happy to help.  

I'm going on the hunt for more Little's this week, I hope this post inspires you to do the same! 





*PR sample. Please see my disclaimer here