Koko Dairy Free Yogurts

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT, Koko Dairy Free have cracked the Yogurt market!

I was really excited to hear Koko were bringing out a dairy free selection of Yogurt's, I have been lucky enough to try the whole selection and I've got to say - what a selection it is! Koko have really raised the bar with the vegan options they offer, this is such an accessible vegan brand and what's more every product I have tried of their's tastes delicious. Koko Dairy Free have brought out a Strawberry*, Raspberry*, Peach & Passion Fruit*, Coconut & Lemon* and a large tub of Coconut Plain Yogurt*. What to try first?!

The Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach & Passion Fruit and Coconut & Lemon come in packs of 2, these pots are the perfect size for a mid morning snack or to give you that pick me up in the middle of the afternoon. This Yogurt, unlike a lot of vegan Yogurt's is actually Coconut based (rather than Soya) which is already filled with huge amounts of delicious flavour and natural vitamins, I was really interested to see if the Coconut worked with the flavours they chose. Koko Dairy Free Strawberry - Strawberry is a standard flavour, it's one I always flock to and one I was really pleased to see in the Koko collection. The Strawberry worked really well with the Coconut, I thought it would be too sweet but this was delicious, the Yogurt itself is thick and really creamy and every single spoonful was full of taste. The Raspberry - a flavour I'm not too keen on generally, quite a lot of Raspberry foods (including Raspberries) are quite sharp which I'm not a fan of. However, the Coconut mixed with the Raspberry really takes the sharp edge off, you can still taste it but it's definitely more subtle and it was a pleasure to eat. 

The two flavours I was most interested to try were the Peach & Passion Fruit and Coconut & Lemon. The Peach & Passion Fruit sounded like a tropical delight, as soon as I opened the pot it smelt delectable, within the Yogurt there are chunks of peach too. I delved in and it was full of taste, I initially thought these two flavours would be too strong to be together- especially the Passion Fruit but they worked well. The last flavour (and my favourite) was the Coconut & Lemon. I would never think to put Coconut and Lemon together in anything, Lemon is such a fresh flavour, then when mixed with the sweet Coconut - they work (surprisingly) perfectly with each other, the taste was so scrummy and I literally licked the pot clean! There are also tiny bits of grated Coconut within the Yogurt which boosts the Coconut flavour even more (you can NEVER have too much Coconut). I have been really impressed with these two Yogurt's, some duo flavoured Yogurt's just don't work - too sweet/sour/sharp etc but these two work spectacularly. 

Now to the huge tub of Coconut Plain Yogurt, this opens so many possibilities. Not only does it taste scrumptious on its own but its great in a smoothie, I mixed it with some bananas and some Aduna Cacao Powder and it tasted great (and it didn't separate which can happen if you put some milks in a smoothie). I also decided to see if this Yoghurt would freeze well (with summer coming up the ice-lolly ideas are already floating around). I am happy to say it freezes very well (and quick) I decided to mix it with some Choc Shot Coconut Chocolate sauce (if it mixes with chocolate well - it's a winner for me). The picture on the right is the frozen finished product, once frozen this is actually fairly easy to cut up into chunks. It also tasted GREAT! 

My favourites are the Coconut & Lemon and the Coconut Plain Yoghurt, the duo flavoured yogurt tastes so delicious and you can do so much with the Plain Yogurt (I've already started a list of what I want to try next with it) but in all honestly, they all tasted great! Koko Dairy Free offers so many great vegan products and happily, I am seeing this brand more and more in the supermarkets. The Koko Dairy Free Milks have been around in all supermarkets for quite some time, but recently I have seen their spread in shops too and now these fabulous Yogurt's. You can find the 2 pack Yogurt's in ASDA (£1.25 - though currently they are on offer for £1.00) and in Morrisons (for £1.34). You can also grab the big tub of plain Coconut Yogurt in Morrisons for £1.80 and because they aren't dairy, the 'use by' date is for a months+ time so you don't have to worry about eating these within a week. Make sure you check out the HUGE Koko Dairy Free range, I have to say I have a lot of love for this brand and it has not failed me yet! 

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*PR Sample. Please see my disclaimer here.