Koko Dairy Free Spread

Koko Dairy Free- a company with many strings to its bow! I first came into contact with Koko from their Dairy Free milks. On my initial search for a dairy free milk alternative at the beginning of last year I came across Koko Dairy Free milk had seen it had some very high praises from consumers so I went ahead and tried it. A year on and I still LOVE the Koko Dairy Free milk range, their plain milk goes perfectly on my cereal every morning (even though this is made from coconut I didn't find it as sweet as the Alpro Coconut Milk - it still tastes sweet but not over powering). This milk also goes excellent with some Choc Shot - it makes for a really delicious hot chocolate, tastes like a bounty bar in a mug! I loved the dairy free milks from this brand and I was so excited to see they offer more dairy free options. 

I have been lucky enough to be able to try a different product in the Koko Dairy Free range - the Koko Dairy Free Spread* made from - you guessed it, Coconut Oil! From the start of my vegetarian to vegan journey I have been using the PURE Soya Spread which is great and there is always a tub in my fridge. But I was happy to get the opportunity to try this new product, it's great to have a few tasty spread options in the fridge made with completely different (and vegan) ingredients. This spread is made with Coconut Oil, this is also only a 45% vegetable fat spread (26% of that is the Coconut Oil) so good on the hips and the heart. In amongst the ingredients it is also packed full of Vitamins A, B12, D2 and E (all lovely immune boosting, skin, hair, bone growth strengthening vitamins). 

This Koko Dairy Free Spread looks the same as any other spread (as you can see), initially I thought it might taste somewhat coconutty but it didn't at all. I was thrilled at how creamy this tasted, it's got a real scrumptious, buttery flavour without all the cruelty. I put this spread to the test - the melting test, some vegan products like cheeses and spreads don't replicate the melting elements of most dairy products (unfortunately) so I was hoping this would be a winner. I was not disappointed! As you can see from the above left picture, this Koko Dairy Free Spread melts DELIGHTFULLY (especially on crumpets) - it was instantaneous. I must also say this is a fabulous combination (I was so happy to find that Tesco and Sainsburrys own crumpets are vegan) and this spread is the perfect accompaniment to them.

I have also used this Koko Dairy Free Spread for cooking Sweet Potato Chips, home made Roast Potatoes, mashed Potato (jacket potato-basically it works great with everything potato based!), vegetables and for frying. It has worked great and been extremely effective with all these things and has only enhanced the flavour of my food. You can also use this in baking, I'm not much of a baker but when I do eventually give vegan baking a go (and try not to burn the kitchen down) this will be on my ingredient list. I am making my way through this tub quite nicely and I will certainly be purchasing this in the future. This Koko Dairy Free Spread is available at Waitrose and Ocado priced at £1.89 for a 500g tub. 

I'd wholeheartedly recommend that anyone looks into the Koko Dairy Free range of products, they do three different types of Dairy Free milks, Coconut Oil and very recently they have released 5 different types of Dairy Free Yogurt which I'm looking forward to trying. You can check Koko Dairy Free out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


*PR Sample, see my disclaimer here