Hippy Paste, For The Soul And Your Armpit!

July 2016 saw one of my favourite festivals happening again in London, the Just V show. This combines vegetarian, vegan, free from, natural and organic items from food to products and clothing. I've been a few years running now and I love it. I really enjoy going around and chatting to the brands I've blogged for in the past and finding new brands that check all the necessary boxes. This year I found two gems, one of them being Earth Conscious Hippy Paste. I was first drawn to their stall because they had a missive board with a sea turtle on, on this board were written some points about their brand that interested me immensely. After chatting with the brand I went away thinking - I need to try this ASAP! A cruelty-free brand that cares and one that has thought about the impact their product has on people and the environment - perfect. I was in touch with Earth Conscience after the show and they very kindly sent me a pot of their Lavender Hippy Paste* deodorant to try.

Some of the reasons why I was drawn to this brand.....

"The ingredients used are of course completely natural (no lab made ingredients posing as 'natural'"

"Certified Organic where sourceable to ensure that once they are washed off the skin they will provide no threat to wildlife, marine life or plants"

"Our packaging is plastic free including our postal packaging. The decision not to use plastic is something we do not wish to compromise on"

Now how great does that all sound?! On top of this, they also donate to the Marine Conservation Society. I really feel like it was destiny that I found these guys at the show, it's so refreshing looking at Earth Conscious and seeing they are taking a stand and not compromising on their ethics. 

What is Hippy Paste? Well, Hippy Paste is a natural deodorant paste. What do I mean by natural? You may be surprised to hear that most deodorants AREN'T natural at all. If you look at the deodorants that are on the shelves today you'll see popular brands like Dove and Right Guard etc containing nasty chemicals and ingredients. I know what you're thinking, how could companies put harmful ingredients in products that are used by people on a daily basis? When you actually start to look at ingredients in products the darker side of cosmetics reveal themselves loud and clear, in those popular brands there are such ingredients like Aluminium and Polyethylene - liquid plastics. The use of these ingredients have been linked to illness' including cancer so WHY oh why would they put them in such a commonly used product - it honestly boggles my mind. What you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body - just think about that for a moment. So when I say Earth Conscious Hippy Paste is natural I do mean NATURAL, there are no nasty chemicals or plastics in these deodorants and there is nothing that can possibly cause you harm.

I have tried a few natural deodorants and for me the deodorant creams and pastes have worked really well so I was hoping I could add this to the list. The pot arrived as the brand states on their site, in recyclable postage packaging and the tub itself is recyclable or reusable. Earth Conscious sent me their Lavender Hippy Paste as this is currently their only vegan certified deodorant, they also offer four other deodorants and you can see these here. I took the lid off the tub and the lavender scent smelt lovely, it's such a calming scent I had a feeling I would end up smelling my armpit a lot once I used it! It looks fairly solid in the tub as you can see from the above picture but once it comes in to contact with your armpit it soaks in pretty much instantly. It felt so smooth on my skin and it wasn't a struggle to spread the product. Like many deodorant creams, you don't need a lot - I don't use more than a finger tip. Even though I only used a small amount I found this deodorant to be extremely effective. It kept me feeling fresh and smelling good all day which is good for me and everyone else! This 60g pot lasted me about a month too, possibly a bit more which I think is 100% value for money at £5 per pot. 

Choosing natural products free from Aluminium, liquid plastics and nasty chemicals is one of the best choices I have made and it would be one of the best things you could do too. Choosing cruelty-free is essential (and easy) and there are high street brands that offer cruelty-free and vegan friendly deodorant like Superdrug BUT they still contain chemicals that aren't good for you. Some of these as I have mentioned have been linked to some illness' and some are so bad for your skin they can give you a rash and not let your skin breathe. I would also advice completely against using a spray, it's not good for your lungs or the atmosphere. 

I would highly recommend looking into Earth Conscious as a brand, this is a brand that cares and whats more they're extremely friendly and full of personality. I believe they are changing the name of their deodorant (from Hippy Paste to something else) but the same selection of deodorants will still be on offer, just under a different name.

If you have a question for Earth Conscious or want to learn more about their products you can contact them on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Why not give a natural deodorant a try? Be kind to your body and the environment. 



*PR Sample, please see my disclaimer here