Heavenly Organics Skincare

Heavenly Organics Skincare, the name lured me in instantly I found the brand. Over the time I have known this brand I have learnt a lot about them. For one, the passion and ethics behind this brand are HUGE. Mary-Anne who started up and runs Heavenly Organics Skincare puts her heart and soul into every product she makes. To sum up this brand and what they offer, they are completely cruelty-free, vegan and when I say cruelty-free I mean cruelty-free. They do not believe in animal testing, they do not use any ingredients derived from animals and they don't use palm oil. People have different views on what classes as a cruelty-free product, some people think that the Cruelty-Free International logo is enough even though it may contain animal ingredients such as bees wax, honey, tallow (animal fat found in a LOT of fabric conditioners), lanolin etc but they still see it as a cruelty-free product because it hasn't been tested on animals. For me, I need more than that, I don't only go by this cruelty-free certification, a product has to also be vegan for me to use it. I believe that no animal should be used in any way for a product, testing or ingredients. Some people say those animal ingredients can be obtained humanly, in my eyes there is nothing humane about using an animal - be it for cosmetics, make-up, food, entertainment or experimental testing. Fairly recently, I had a discussion with someone who was trying to convince me that a snail gel product was cruelty-free. That product by its very nature is not, even if the gel is obtained with as little harm to the snail as possible - those snails are bred and used for that specific purpose, which I believe is wrong. 

Anyway, back to Heavenly Organics Skincare, their products are all 100% natural and organic so no nasty chemicals, natural and organic are words that are thrown around quite a lot and in some cases wrongly. Sometimes these phases are used as a marketing ploy so you have to be careful and make sure you research the brand before you buy from them. I can happily say that Heavenly Organics Skincare are not just using these words to get sales, their products are natural and they only use organic ingredients. They are all about skincare that is good for you, not just to fix skincare problems or concerns, but skincare products that still let your skin breath and be healthy. This brand is also environmentally conscious which is a big tick from me, they use recyclable materials for their products using glass and aluminium pots and they are always trying new ways to make their packaging more eco friendly. 

I have been lucky enough to be able to try a product from Heavenly Organics Skincare, their Unscented Clay Facial Cleanser. This initially seemed so bizarre to me I'll be honest, I'd only ever seen clay being used in face masks. I definitely wouldn't think it would be in a cleanser but I was extremely intrigued by the product and went in with an open mind. As well as many lovely scented products Heavenly Organics Skincare also offer unscented products, perfect for the sensitive skin types out there. My face can be temperamental when trying new facial skincare products so I thought the unscented one would be best to try first (to see if my face could handle the clay goodness!). First looking at this product, it has a very thick consistency like a thick moisturiser. It hasn't got a perfumed scent but it does smell slightly of, well I guess it was the clay and sunflower oil. Its a very natural and earthy smell and isn't unpleasant at all. With the cleanser I also received an organic muslin cleansing cloth, which was perfect because I couldn't find mine (possibly gone into the abyss that is the back of the drawer?). 

Ingredients : Kaolin Clay, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil *all organic*

To use, I dabbed my face with a tiny bit of water then applied the cleanser. As I initially thought, it was really thick, however it went on extremely well - I wasn't battling with my face to spread the product (always a bonus). I didn't apply very much to my face yet it gave me a clear covering, I then massaged in the product paying particular attention to my nose, chin and forehead. It felt nice and cool on my face and my skin wasn't irritated by it at all - hooray! Lastly, with the lovely organic muslin cloth I received I first dipped it in some warm water and then started to wipe away the cleanser. With this cloth I didn't have to scrub hard and the warm cloth on my face moving around the cleanser felt heavenly (wonder where this brand gets it's name?). Once I had washed away the cleanser my skin felt fantastic and I say that with complete honesty. My face felt like it had just been through a full MOT, I felt fresh, clean and one more bonus, it didn't dry my skin out at all. 

I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to try this clay cleanser out, I would never lean towards buying something like this just because it's not like anything I've used before. In short, I'm LOVING this cleanser! It's great to give new things a go and this cleanser is a perfect example. I'm so glad this has worked for my skin, I already love the brand and it's ethics and I was sure (and hoping) I would love their products. I'm not one for lots of bottles and potions, I use LUSH's 9 to 5 which I take my make-up off with and then Miss Organics facial oil, that's pretty much it for facial skincare products but this cleanser is a welcomed addition and will remain a permanent one in my collection. This Unscented Clay Cleanser is priced at £6.99, well worth the money in my eyes - a handmade, cruelty-free, natural and organic product that is only going to do wonderful things for your skin. I can see this cleanser last me quite a while, I use it pretty much every other day and it's hardly gone down at all. You can also grab the cleanser with the organic muslin cloth for just £8.99 which again, is very good value for money.  

It's much better to invest in trustworthy skincare brands like Heavenly Organics Skincare, ones with great ethics and fabulous products that are actually good for your skin. I'd thoroughly recommend having a look at what Heavenly Organics Skincare has to offer. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as their website. 




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