Heavenly Organics Detoxifying Face & Body Mask

Have you ever looked on the back of a skincare product and read every ingredient and understood what you were reading? I can honestly say a few years ago I hardly ever looked at what I was really using and when I did, it was just a plethora beauty jargon to which I had no idea what it actually meant! And yet, I was still happy to put it on my face - WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Looking back I am ashamed at myself that I never questioned the ingredients of the products I was using. Whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body and yet we use products daily that contain ingredients like aluminium and liquid plastics and a whole load of other ingredients which we have no clue about. 

It makes no sense at all.

For the past few years, instead of using mainstream animal tested products I have chosen to invest my money in cruelty-free brands, a lot of independent brands that have specialise in natural skincare products. Heavenly Organics Skin Care is definitely one of favourite, not just because of the fabulous natural products but the whole brand echos the same ethics I try to live by. Last year I reviewed the Heavenly Organics Skin Care Unscented Clay Cleanser and I loved it! I had the honour of being able to test and blog about another product from the heavenly range - the Detoxifying Face & Body Mask*. I'm a HUGE lover of face masks - especially the clay ones, its such a lovely pamper for yourself.

If you haven't heard of Heavenly Organics Skin Care I suggest you google them. This is an independent brand that offers handmade, cruelty-free, vegan, natural and organic skincare products, these are also ALL palm oil free (being palm oil free is a massive plus for the environment and animals, if you want to know more about the devastating effects the palm oil industry has you can learn more here). Marked clearly on all of their products is The Vegan Society logo, I know this brand has a passion for a product being 100% vegan - not just cruelty-free, in my eyes a product can't truly be cruelty-free unless it's vegan too and I believe this brand feels the same. Another thing I like about this brand is that again, like White Rabbit Skincare, they are environmentally conscious. This brand uses glass jars or recyclable plastic packaging and are always looking for ways to change things around to be more environmentally friendly. Heavenly Organics Skin Care also supports the Dr Hadwen Trust, this organisation 'funds and promotes development of of techniqus and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research'. AMAZING! 

So - the mask itself, the 'long' list of 'complicated' ingredients are...

Ingredients - Calcium Bentonite Clay and Laminaria Japonica (Kelp) Powder. 


There are very few ingredients in this face mask but these are 100% natural and organic. This mask comes in its purist form - a powder, so you need to mix it up yourself. I put some of the powder onto the palm of my hand and dripped some water on top, mixing as I did. I would advise you do go lightly on the water, you don't want it to get too watery. The mixture turns into a lovely thick clay paste and you then just apply it to whatever area's you want. On the jar it does state that your skin may be red for a short while after using it. This would only be because of the bentonite clay, this pulls out toxins with its negative charge and at the same time it puts goodness back into your skin. So if you do get a slightly red face don't be alarmed - it means the clay is working. I only got a slight bit of redness but there was absolutely no irritation attached to this and it went down pretty promptly. You keep this mask on until it's all hardened on your face, depending on how thick you put it on it will vary the drying time. For me I left it on for 4/5 minutes and that worked a treat - though don't try to smile until the mask is off, you don't want to crack! Once your face is clear it is advised to moisturise soon after - just to give your face the full pamper it deserves and complete the regime. I put on my trusty Miss Organics facial oil which soaked in instantly. 

I REALLY loved this product, my face felt so clean and refreshed once I had wiped away the mask. I like how little ingredients it has and it's really easy to use. This product is not only a face mask but it is suitable for your body too, I have tried this on feet and hands and it works equally well. This Detoxifying Face & Body Mask also has a great price tag, a 100g jar only costs £5.99 which is fantastic. As this product is powder based its not so easy to overuse it and once mixed with the water a little spreads a long way. I would recommend this mask to anyone who wants to pamper their skin, it worked for my sensitive skin and I'm sure it can work for you! 

With this brand there is no fear of being lied to, being bombarded with green washing or having the quality of the product compromised in any way. Heavenly Organics Skin Care is one of the most honest brands out there and remains one of my favourites. Take a look at the range and see if something takes your fancy, if there is anything your unsure of or have any questions you can reach Heavenly Organics through their website or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram



*PR sample, please see my disclaimer here