Good Carma Foods - Vegan Cheese

Dairy cheese, do I miss it? No not at all. When I first went vegetarian I also automatically cut out milk and buying cheese, I tried some vegan cheese at this point in time and to save you the grimy details - I thought it was disgusting! However, after I completely cut everything out for a few months and I then went back to try it again, it all tasted a lot better (to my surprise). There are some good brands of vegan cheese out there - some much better than others. Some that are good for melting and pizza making, some that taste great spread on crackers with chutney and some that work well sprinkled on pasta. 

I have been lucky enough to try the Good Carma Flavour Fusions* collection, these are dairy free cheeses that resemble Parmesan cheese (a perfect cheese for sprinkling). In the collection there are three flavours - Original (plain), Garlic and Chilli. I was really looking forward to trying these, especially the flavoured ones. Looking at these three tube pots the first thing that I'm drawn to is the design of the packaging itself. 

Those who know my blog (and me) will know how enthusiastic I am about being more ecological and reducing the plastic footprint wherever I can. I take this thinking into consideration with my products & food as much as I can. So I was super happy to see that 90% of this packaging is made from cardboard, the only plastic is the flip lid and this can be recycled too (it's also not fiddly to separate the lid at all so there is no excuse for not recycling!). A brand that has taken this much thought into its packaging has already ticked a big box for me. The labelling is also very impressive, all allergens are clearly marked in bold and the 'free from' and The Vegan Society credentials are lovely and clear.  

These cheeses are free from artificial colours, preservatives, flavours, Wheat and Gluten but are all packed full of Vitamin B12 - PERFECT. 

The main ingredients to all three of these cheeses are ground Almonds, Yeast Flakes with added B12 and Himalayan Pink Salt , with then the added flavour - Garlic, Chilli and Basil for the Original flavour. The top right picture is of really green (and yummy) creation, which included Spinach pasta, Aduna Moringa Powder, a tea spoon of Pesto, Baby Plum and Vine Tomatoes and lots of lovely Good Carma Original melted into it all and mixed around. This Original cheese melted well in the saucepan with all the other ingredients, this was a really tasty meal and definitely one I will be doing again. The Garlic and Chilli I decided to try with home made rustic chips and sweet potato wedges. The garlic worked perfectly with the home made rustic chips. As these were cooking I kept applying a small amount of the cheese and I must say - when It came to eating these, they didn't last long! I'm not usually a fan of Chilli but this Chilli cheese was the perfect accompaniment to the sweet potato wedges. Again I applied while cooking, this really gave the Chilli flavour lots of time to sink in. 

Overall I am extremely happy with these cheeses, I've been looking for one I can sprinkle (because Vio Life doesn't cut it for me) on pasta dishes and with these, its even better because they mix in well with the meal as well as on top of one! Once I have finished these I will certainly be looking to purchase these in the future, for £4.95 you get a lot in the tube and you don't need to use a lot per time to get the full taste. You can grab these cheeses from most Waitrose stores, they also have other stocklist's which you can see here.

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*Polite note: This review has been organised by the VEGAN Lifestyle ASSOCIATION ( It has not been paid for and the products were sent free of charge. This is my genuine and unbiased review of the product.