Get Grounded!

The sun is shining, is this the summer? I sure hope so! To celebrate the sun I decided to give my Grounded Body Scrub a go while actually in the sun. I was given a pack of the Chocolate Orange Body Scrub* to test and blog about and this type of weather just called me to do it. The major thing that interested me about this product were the ingredients, the scrub itself is ground coffee beans. That means no nasty plastics and no devastating impact on the ocean or environment. This company is also cruelty-free and this goes for their entire range, none of their ingredients or final products are tested on animals and they are also completely vegan. I had heard there were a lot of benefits of using coffee in cosmetics, in the FAQ section on Grounded's website you can see a few of these. 'It is said to improve blood flow to your skin making it brighter and healthier. It is also said to help break down fat cells making your skin look and feel smoother with less puffiness and less swelling'. These are all great things so I was very intrigued to see what this scrub could do for me and my skin. 

When the product arrived, I loved seeing that it came in a brown paper pouch. I'm always looking at ways I can be more eco-friendly and reduce my plastic use, this packaging can be recycled and would biodegrade if you removed the plastic seal within the packaging. All the ingredients are clearly labelled on the pack, its really good to see what you're actually putting on your body. Unfortunately, a lot of skincare products on the market have many hidden ingredients that aren't natural and they're not great for your skin. This scrub is a mix of Robuster coffee beans, brown sugar, sweet almond oil, Himalayan rock salt and essential oils. Grounded also state this about their ingredients, 'the coffee in our scrub also acts as a diuretic helping to clear away waste and toxins from under your skin, great for puffy under eyes and cellulite'. The benefits of this scrub just go on and on! It is also full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and the anti-oxidants in the Cacay oil are known to help prevent premature ageing (BONUS). I was also really happy to see this statement clear, loud and proud on their website -

'No micro beads, no parabens, no fillers and no nasty chemicals

If all the above isn't enough, the smell of this scrub is amazing. As soon as I opened the packet it smelt like terry's chocolate orange, I wouldn't usually go for a chocolatey smelling product because the ingredients are usually too rich for my skin - especially my face, but this was a delight! My initial reaction looking in the packet- has someone tricked me and just put some nescafe in a bag and is this going to stand up to the high praise I've heard?

I decided to use this product outside for something different, I sprayed my legs with water and then took a small handful of the coffee scrub out. Be warned, it is messy - but good messy. You don't need as much as you think, start of small and work up otherwise you'll be redecorating the walls (or garden) in shades of coffee. Once the scrub meets with the water it starts to work straight away, all the oils that are infused in the scrub start to come out. You do at this point look like you're applying fake tan around the scrub, but fear not! It is just the coffee and oils getting to work on your skin. I was fairly vigorous with the scrub on my legs, as they've been hibernating most of the year it was really good to give them a thorough exfoliate. It was also extremely lovely doing this in the sun, if you can I would highly recommend it. After relaxing and getting some vitamin D (and fearing the scrub would become fused to my legs by the power of the sun) I then went to the bathroom and used the scrub on the rest of my body. This scrub can also be used on your face, I was fairly weary about this because I have quite sensitive skin on my face, particularly my cheeks. However, I gave it a go and had no problems. I really did only use a bit on my face though, being careful not to be too harsh on my cheeks and making sure I was being gentle when rubbing it in. Once all the scrub was washed off (from me and the shower) my skin was not only super smooth but it felt really moisturised, so much so I didn't need to put on any cream or my facial oil. Even though I washed everything off, I still got wafts of chocolate orange throughout the day which made me smell delicious. I initially thought the chocolate orange would be really overpowering and sickly but it wasn't, it felt like a real treat for my skin. 

I am extremely pleased with this product, I love the idea its made out of coffee and I love the results of using the product. Also, this pack isn't a one time use at all, there is so much coffee in one pouch that I can see this lasting me for months. There is a seal within the pack so it all keeps nice and fresh, make sure you store it in a cool dry place and not in the bathroom! The Grounded Body Scrub comes in 4 varieties, coconut, grapefruitpeppermint and chocolate orange- these are all priced at £15. They also do facial scrubs - £8.95, hair masks - £12.50 and lip balms - £3.25. I have one of their Coconut & Lime hair masks and peppermint lip balms to test so keep you eyes peeled for that blog coming soon. You can grab any of the Grounded products from their website and they are also available in Boots. This is actually a local company to me and I've been seeing them pop up in a few local shops as well as mainstream ones, it's great to see a natural product like this have such huge popularity. If you want to check out how popular they are, make sure you search #getgrounded on Instagram, there are so many people using this product and I now see why - ITS FANTASTIC! 

If you would like to see what all the hype is about you can find Grounded Body Scrub on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Go say hello and #getgrounded 




*PR Sample. Please see my disclaimer here.