Exclusive interview with orca expert and researcher Howard Garrett

 Photo Credit: We Animals - Jo-Anne McArthur : www.weanimals.org : 'An Orca Whale at SeaWorld, Florida 2011' 

Photo Credit: We Animals - Jo-Anne McArthur : www.weanimals.org : 'An Orca Whale at SeaWorld, Florida 2011' 

If you don't know who Tilikum is, you should. Tilikum is a male Orca that has been in captivity at SeaWorld for 23 years and has been in captivity most of his life before that - he is now 34 years old. In the last few days SeaWorld has revealed Tilikum is extremely ill with a lung infection, I fear we may be saying goodbye to this magnificent creature. SeaWorld have made Tilikum's life miserable and made it into something we can't really describe as 'life'. They make him do tricks for food, they keep him in a tiny tank and have taken every aspect of a natural life away from him. 

In October 2015 I had the honour of interviewing Orca expert & researcher, Howard Garret. Howard has been in the field researching and observing Orca's for the last 30+ years. Howard was also featured in the documentary 'Blackfish' (which is about Tilikum and his life at SeaWorld), Howard spoke in the documentary on his extensive knowledge of wild Orca's. In this three part interview, Howard talks about wild, free Orca's in their natural habitat compared to the lonely, miserable and lifeless existence that they have in captivity. 

It will be a tremendous shame to say goodbye to Tilikum, such a majestic and wonderful creature should be swimming free in the ocean with a pod of other Orca's, not being confined 24/7 to what is essentially a fish bowl.

PLEASE do not support SeaWorld, don't buy a ticket to SeaWorld or any other marine park and spread this message to EVERYONE and  EVERYWHERE you can. 

If you're interested in hearing more about what really goes on at SeaWorld I have interviewed 'Blackfish' cast member and senior ex-trainer at SeaWorld - Dr Jeffrey Ventre. Spread the message that keeping these animals in captivity is not right, it is cruel and barbaric and there is no place for it.