Daymer Bay

A brand of soft drink caught my eye in the supermarket one day, once I got home I decided to investigate online and see what I could find. It was a brand called Daymer Bay (a new brand for me). From looking at their site, not only did their drinks look extremely enticing but on their flavour section they include a 9 bullet point list full of excellent information about their drinks (this is also on every bottle label). The 9 bullet point list includes - Less than 80 Calories; With added Vitamins B3, B6, B8 & B12; No artificial preservatives; No artificial colourings; No artificial flavourings; No added sugar (only contains naturally occurring sugars; No allergens; Suitable for vegetarians; Suitable for vegans. 

Some really great points there, I was really happy to see the 'suitable for vegans' mentioned. Labelling is so important and I know it's only tea (and some of you may think how can tea not be vegan? or - it's silly to have this labelled) but it really shows how things are changing with brands and their products. When a company feels there is a duty and need to put this information on their products, it means there is a demand for it (veggie and vegan) - it's great! 

I am going to talk about Daymer Bay's fabulous cold Tea collection, the first drink I tried was their Pure Peach & Iced Tea*. I really fancied something refreshing because it was an unusually sunny day (for England) so this was the perfect accompaniment. Peach Iced Tea is one of my favourites and always my chosen flavour for Iced Tea. This, like most Iced Tea's is best served extremely chilled (it's the best way to enjoy it). The Peach tastes so fruity and strong and unlike some fruity drinks, not too sugary. Some fruit flavoured drinks can taste of what seems to me to be pure sugar! But this drink had a very natural and pleasant taste. This was really full of flavour and very tasty indeed. 

Two other Tea's from Daymer Bay I have been lucky enough to try are the Elderflower & Green Tea* and the Lush Lemon & Iced Tea*. More cold tea? Fabulous! 

Elderflower is such a summary flavour for me, It reminds me of calm days off chilling in the sun with not a care in the world (for that minute anyway) and that's exactly how I enjoyed this Elderflower & Green Tea drink. I'm a big fan of green tea generally and have it probably daily, for those who are not green tea drinkers, I know some green tea's can have quite a bark/earthy taste and it can put some people off, but the Elderflower in this really carried the drink well and It wasn't bitter at all. I found this to be extremely delicious and perfect for a sunny day in the garden. Now to the Lush Lemon & Iced Tea, I'm not usually a fan of Lemon drinks - they seem to remind me of having to drink Lemon and Honey as a child (if I had a cold or some suh ailment). However, this mixed with the Iced Tea is really nice and refreshing. The Lemon isn't too strong (so it doesn't shoot me straight back to my childhood), but there is enough of a nice zest in there for tasty flavour. I must admit, my favourite of these has to be the Elderflower & Green Tea shortly followed by the Pure Peach & Iced Tea. I'm so happy I discovered this brand, really scrumptious (and accessible) drinks and what's more - they're not filled with loads of artificial nasties. This brand certainly deserves a hat tip for creating some really delicious drinks.

Daymer Bay is produced in the UK and is inspired by the Cornwall coast. On their website they state "Our drinks aim to encapsulate the natural beauty of a wonderful stretch of the English Coast". They certainly do that in my opinion, It also reminds me of some lovely days I have had by the Essex seaside too. I am also happy to say these bottles are 100% recyclable so not only are they sharing the English Coast love, they are also helping the sea itself. Daymer Bay also do 3 other juices in their collection and I have been given the opportunity to blog about these too so stay tuned for Daymer Bay part 2! 

You can grab a bottle of Daymer Bay at Waitrose and I'm sure they're spreading across the country! Check out their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more information. 



*PR Sample. Please see my disclaimer here.