Dahlia Cake Studio - Part 2


Here is part 2 of my blog post on Dahlia Cake Studio - again I'm sure you can imagine it was quite a hardship to eat and blog about cake.....

Good vegan cupcakes can be hard to come by, there isn't a lot on offer in most supermarkets which is a shame. Baking can be hard to get right too sometimes, you need to know your ingredients. However, Helen has got EVERYTHING spot on. I was so happy with the first batch of cakes from Helen at Dahlia Cake Studio I was sure that I was going to love the rest.

 I was very pleased to see a cupcake in with my goodies from Helen, this particular cupcake was a Red Velvet cupcake* complete with white chocolate icing - YES! The presentation firstly was on top form, the cake came in a lovely paper case, looking from the top you could see the lovely swirl of white chocolate icing with red dusting (I'm a big fan of icing!). Once I removed the cupcake case I could see the cake was a gorgeous colour and consistency. Of course the whole cake is red (red velvet cake - duh!) and with the white chocolate frosting it really stood out. I cut into the cake (I'm happy to say I didn't share this one, there was only one cupcake - it would be a sin to share!) and it was lovely and spongy as I anticipated. This cupcake tasted as good as it looked, the cake was really delicious and the icing was perfect. If you gave that to a non-vegan I guarantee they wouldn't know the difference. It was so super good as I type I wish I had another one to go with my cuppa right now!

Chocolate sponge* (part of a Christmas log) with chocolate frosting, this as you can tell from the name of it was chocolate EXPLOSION! I was never a huge chocolate cake fan, it was never my first choice in a restaurant and I never chose to buy a chocolate cake in the supermarket. However, I would never turn it down of course if offered! And it just so happens Helen put this lovely chocolaty gem in my box of goodies. This cake was a slice of a chocolate log cake so it was in that kind of log/swiss roll type shape. I could see the cake was lovely and moist (I'm not a fan of that word but there really isn't a better one to describe it) and I was again pleased to see this cake was complete with icing frosting. Again another absolutely tremendous cake, what can I say but truly scrumptious. I did have to pace myself with this one as it was so chocolaty but the taste was delectable.  

Christmas decoration biscuit*! That's right, Helen gave me a biscuit which you can hang on the tree but I'm not sure how long it would last on the tree before I started munching on it! I then took an executive decision to eat it before the tree had gone up. I opened the bag up and it smelt of Christmas, this biscuit has a hints of cinnamon and ginger - not always my first choice but I was going to give it a fair go. I really loved how this biscuit was decorated and indeed, it would look perfect on a Christmas tree with the other decorations. I shared this biscuit out and everyone was very complimentary about it. Some were surprised it was vegan (you really can't tell with any of these treats that they are free from anything - they're so good!) and they loved how light it was. I did also receive a piece of Christmas fruit cake* but unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture and by the time I did there was only a few crumbs left! A blunder on my part I know, however you can see this cake in my first blog post for Dahlia Cake Studio here.

So I have now tasted most of the variety from Dahlia Cake Studio and what do I think? Well not only were ALL the cakes and cookies extremely delicious, but I found Helen - the baker brains behind Dahlia extremely nice and passionate about her business. Which really makes a huge difference, to see someone who really cares and genuinely loves what they do is fantastic. As I have previously said, I am only too happy to spread the word of Dahlia Cake Studio - Helen has created a great little local business full of yummy vegan treats - whats not to love?! I have already put my order in for Christmas, I'm definitely going for a lemon drizzle loaf, some cookies and brownie bites again and most probably some cupcakes - it's ok to go up a dress size at Christmas right?! As a side note, Helen can also make some items gluten free too, so if you were after any completely free from goodies make sure you ask. I can't recommend Helen and her baking skills enough, I'm so happy I discovered her little business! 

If you're interested in Dahlia Cake Studio and want to learn more or get an order in you can contact Helen through her Facebook page or website. As I mentioned she is local to me, based in Rochford but delivers to various locations so if you're unsure you can always contact her and ask, you can also go and say hello to Helen over on Instagram!  



*PR sample, please see my disclaimer here