ADUNA Super-Cacao Powder

By the power of ADUNA, the latest powdered gem - Super-Cacao Powder

My first encounter with ADUNA was at the October London Veg Fest, I found lots of new brands that day and this was at the top of the list. ADUNA is a brand that specializes Moringa, Baobab and Cocoa powder products. These powders can be mixed in with smoothies, breakfasts, backing, cooking (it's really where your imagination can take you!) -they also do raw energy bars containing these powders. This Super-Cacao Powder is definitely one of my best buys this year! 

ADUNA Super-Cacao powder is a 100% natural high-flavanol cacao powder, you can read more about the process of their cacao powder here. So, smoothies - whoever was the first person to think of mixing everything together to drink in one was a genius! There are so many different tastes and mixtures to be had its great, you can add so many things together and that can easily be all the right nutrients and your daily intake of everything you need. I love Bananas and I go through them by the bucket load it seems like, so I purchased the ADUNA Super-Cacao Powder with this in mind - Cacao and Banana surly this was the dream team in food form? 

Well I was right to think such a thing, I knew the Cacao powder would have a slightly chocolatey taste to it (Cacao isn't sickly sweet, its a much more raw, strong and in my opinion - delicious taste) so to mix it with Bananas seemed only logical! I have found my perfect combination for a breakfast smoothie - 3 or 4 Bananas, Chia Seeds, some Flaxseed, one (fairly heaped) tea spoon of ADUNA Super-Cacao powder (I only put a teaspoon in because my blender is fairly small, if I overload the powder the smoothie tends to stay a bit grainy - it's the same with other powders I use so I have to get the quantities right), some Koko Dairy Free milk, some Organic Porridge Oats and one ice cube. This 100g pot has also lasted me really well considering how frequently I use it. 

Not only does this Super-Cacao Powder taste great, it is also EXTREMELY good for you. This powder has a lot of health benefits, this powder contains lots of skin loving antioxidants - these boost the production of collagen, increase cellular healing and counteract the visible signs of ageing (always a bonus). Other health benefits include contributing to cardiovascular health, the elasticity of arteries and healthy blood circulation. This last point was of particular interest to me, I have a condition called Raynaud's - basically a circulation problem. My feet are often freezing and in the winter they turn lovely shades of blue or grey, my hands often go too (winter or summer). Or one finger will be freezing and the rest of my hands will be warm - it makes no sense! But none the less, I have to live with it so anything that I can try that may help this condition I do. I have been having this powder in a smoothie at least every other day, (mostly every day) for the last few months and I can honestly say I believe it has helped me. I have noticed a difference taking this powder so frequently, you may say the weather has probably had an effect and it does to a certain extent but the sun only does so much. This Super-Cacao Powder will definitely remain a regular in my smoothies and the cupboard. 

ADUNA also do a Super-Cacao raw energy bar which is next on my list to try. You can grab this ADUNA Super-Cacao powder from the ADUNA website and Holland & Barrett, you can buy this powder in 100g (£7.99), 200g (£13.99) pots or a 275g (£14.99) bag. Their Moringa and Baobab products are also available at Holland & Barrett. Make sure you check ADUNA out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too (their Instagram feed is just beautiful!).