A Bottle Made From Plants, Yes - I Just Said PLANTS!

Single use plastic, a truly modern plague on our planet. As a society, we have become so used to using plastic and disregarding it without thinking about what happens to it after it has served our purpose. I have become more environmentally aware and try to reduce my plastic footprint wherever I can, I always take a bag for life with me shopping, I have a reusable take-away coffee cup, I recycle all I can, I go bottle free with my shampoo's and soaps and I switched to an environmental toothbrush (rather than a plastic one) nearly two years ago. In the last few months I have been in contact with a few companies that feel the same as me about plastic and they're doing something about it. One of these brands is Eco For Life, this brand sells bottles of water with the bottles made entirely from plants - I know, CRAZY! 

I have been lucky enough to receive one of these bottles of water from Eco For Life* to blog about. Eco For Life water bottles are, as I mentioned made entirely from plants (I still think that's amazing), here is their plant bottle process - 

"Production of Eco for Life bottles starts with dextrose as the base feedstock used in a fermentation process (much like beer or wine), which converts sugar to lactic acid. We use that lactic acid to then create a polymer, which is later converted to produce the bottles. This dextrose is made from No. 2 yellow dent field corn in the U.S., which is already grown for many industrial & functional end-uses. Corn has been used because it is the most economically feasible source of sugar.  The corn that is used equates to less than 1/20th of the 1% of the available annual global corn crop."

So, a bottle that has corn as one of the key elements of its production and one that's completely sustainable- I'm stunned! As this bottle is plant based it is also biodegradable and compostable, there is no plastic or paper label either so there is no fiddly manoeuvre trying to get that off the bottle. The lid however, is plastic and not compostable - YET! But it is recyclable, I have spoken with the company and they are working on a compostable, plant based lid. Unlike most plastic bottles, Eco For Life bottles have a low carbon emission on production. This fact astounded me - "The 100% plant based bottle produces 60% less greenhouse gas and uses 50% less fossil fuel during production". These bottles are oil free and completely pollutant free ensuring nothing harmful leaks into the water within the bottle. There's such a debate over water, is bottled water better than tap? There seems to be pro's and con's on both sides, but there are two major bad points for me regarding bottled water. The amount of plastic that is wasted is phenomenal, plastic ends up on landfill, gets incinerate, or its littered around the environment or oceans and it NEVER biodegrades. Also, a huge amount of chemicals are used in plastic bottle manufacturing, I don't fancy drinking from a bottle filled with these! It's nice to see that this brand has minimised those risks with this plant based bottle. 

The water itself? Jolly tasty! The water in Eco For Life bottles is still mineral water, bottled at source in South Downs - Hampshire. The taste is very pleasant and not metallic at all. The bottle itself is a very funky design, it has a twist near the bottom of the bottle which looks unique. This bottle doesn't look different from a plastic one at all, you really wouldn't know the difference looking at it. It does feel slightly different from normal plastic, to me it feels like the bottle is made from recycled plastic. This bottle does its job with great eco-friendly style! I am so happy these type of products are on the market now, they are the future. Its great to see brands and companies taking action and adopting plant based 'plastic', we really have to do something because as the years go on plastic just becomes more of an epidemic.

 If you wanted to try Eco For Life you can see on their website 'where to buy' or you can purchase online. They are working on getting their bottles in various shops so it won't be long until you see a plant based bottle on your local shelves! You can also find Eco For Life on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

The human race needs to change its attitude towards plastic and these type of products are definitely a step in right direction the world desperately needs. 

*PR sample. Please see my disclaimer here

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