Welcome to the Jungle

As well as Lush coming up trumps on the shampoo bars & solid shampoors they also do solid conditioners. I love that with solid products like this (and the shampoo) there is no waste - you're not trying to get the last bit of conditioner out of the bottle and banging it on the side. I was a bit apprehensive because as it was a conditioner rather than a shampoo, there wouldn't be foaming up so I was curious how it would go over my hair, would it be fiddly and most importantly - would it work?

I'm so glad I went for Jungle, firstly it smells AMAZING! (Takes me to a tropical island in my imagination). This bar is literally just that, you can rub it on your hand and transfer it to your hair that way but I have found the most effective way is to just rub it over my hair. It coats the hair but not thick and heavy, this washes out with ease and leaves my hair smelling delicious and fully conditioned. When drying my hair it feels light and fluffy and most importantly - fully conditioned & controlled. 

I read some comments about this conditioner saying it didn't go with their hair type or didn't hydrate it enough. I have naturally curly hair (so full of volume), I also dye my hair red. Both qualities need my hair to have hydration but not too much so it gets oily , also enough to make my curls defined. For me this conditioner is fantastic, it hydrates and keeps my curls and waves without my hair looking greasy at all (and no frizz!). It also adds more volume to my hair without it looking crazy (please see above) 

Jungle - £5.95 for a 55g bar. vegan and cruelty-free. 

(they have changed the look of the bar and have got a slightly new formula, I have one coming and hoping it's the same! I'm sure it would be).