Tofurky Roast

There are quite a few vegan roasts on the market at the moment and as its coming up to Christmas it's the perfect time to try them (a good excuse for me to have a blow out on some yummy vegan dinners!). This particular roast is made by Tofurky, for those who may not know Tofurky this is a big brand in the vegan fake meat hub. I am particularly fond of their Hickory Smoked Deli Slices - really tasty in a sandwich or toastie with some vegan melted cheese!

This Tofurky Roast is made from a Tofu-Wheat protein blend, there is stuffing running through the middle of this roast made from wild rice & whole wheat bread crumb stuffing. This is a very good size roast - plenty for a whole table full of people (and some for left overs the next day). Having not cooked this roast before I was very happy that there were very clear instructions on the packaging which made it very easy to cook. 

To make the (above) fabulous roast dinner I followed these steps -

Remove all the film wrap and place the roast in foil. It says to baste the roast, you could use stock, herbs, gravy or any other kind of baste you can think of that would taste good - I just put some organic olive oil over the roast and wrapped it up in the foil like a package. I cooked it in the oven for just over 1 hour & a half ( I cooked this from defrosted, you can cook from frozen but it recommends cooking for 2 hours+ if frozen). Keep checking and turn if you can half way through (this makes sure the outer layer gets nice and crispy). When the roast is ready you just carve it like you would a meat roast, slices (thick or thin) as I say there is plenty there so if you have any left a leftover sandwich is definitely called for! This was really tasty and had a much more chewy texture than I was anticipating (some vegan meat substitutes are a bit slushy) but this was great. The stuffing added some great flavour to the roast too. 

In addition to this roast I made some scrumptious roast potatoes, I cooked these in Koko Dairy Free spread (I usually cooked roast potatoes in Pure Soya Dairy Free spread (which works great and this Koko Dairy Free spread works equally well). And of course a mix of veg - organic carrots & green beans. This roast does come with a sachet of gravy but I used Bisto Vegetarian gravy. 

This roast is priced at around £10 (depending on where you go, there are a few online stores but this is available at Holland & Barrett too at the moment) This may seem a little steep but it is complete value for money and people would easily spend that on a 'quality' meat roast if not more so I had no problem paying for this decent, quality & cruelty-free dinner. There are two Tofurky roast products, this one with the gravy and a  bigger 'feast' set which includes vegan fudge brownies as well as the roast. 

I enjoyed this roast and so did my veggie boyfriend! As I mentioned I am already a fan of the Tofurky products so this has been added to my list of great vegan products from this brand & I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.