The best scrub in a sponge!

Exfoliating is very important for all skin types, oily/combination/dry but naturally everyone has their favourite product they use for their specific skin type. I had heard of konjac sponges and decided to look into them further (if they could replace a scrub product - what an eco choice that would be! No plastic, no beads) all I knew about them was their states - that they go from a solid to a squishy sponge if water is applied! I found The Konjac Sponge Co on my searches, I went onto their website and they seemed to be experts on the subject of sponges! 

First thing I see on their webpage, the Cruelty-Free International logo and the Vegan Society logo - I was sold on their ethics! They do a wide range of sponges made of different things, they do bath sponges, baby sponges, travel sponges and what I was looking for specifically - a facial sponge *

I went for the Konjac French Green Clay sponge for oily & combination skin -

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Made from 100% Natural Vegetable Fibre
  • Contains Nourishing Mineral Rich Green Clay
  • Colouring & Additive Free

Benefits of using 1 facial sponge VS 1 facial scrub product - 

  • There is no product waste, unlike all the scrub product you would wash off your face.
  • 1 sponge will last you up to three months, where as (depending on how often you exfoliate) you may have to buy 2/3 products within the same time. 
  • Gentle but effective exfoliation, some scrub products can be too harsh on your skin or the flip side - not have any effect on your skin. 
  • With this sponge you don't need any additional exfoliating product- it does ALL the work! 
  • Different sponges to suit varying skin types.
  • This is a ALL natural product - no chance of a bad reaction! 

Konjac French Green Clay Sponge is made for combination & oily t-zone skin (my skin type!). The French green clay in the sponge is meant to tighten pores, tone the complexion and revitalise damaged skin cells. This naturally draws out impurities & toxins, to reveals a smoother, fresher complexion. Sound's like a recipe for a perfect face right?!

It so rightly says on the packaging 'Have a mini facial everyday' and this product really is like that. Run yourself a sink full of nice warm (but not boiling) water, let the sponge hydrate completely, squeeze out excess water and gently run it over your face in circular motions, paying particular attention to your problem areas. Once the sponge is wet it becomes super soft but it cleanses your face so well. The harder you go at an area the more it will exfoliate it, this product is really easy to handle too - the sponge is palm size (ideal). Once finished just squeeze out all excess water again and hang in a dry & cool place (you will find this will go rock hard again in a few hours - fear not, it can return to it's hydrated state with just a little water!). 

I'm extremely happy with this product and the results, It's a much more eco way to exfoliate your face, its very reasonable, it ticks all the right ethical criteria boxes (& NO plastic!) and its blooming effective! 

Konjac French Green Clay sponge - £7.99, Cruelty-Free International certified & Vegan Society certified. 


*Note about some scrub products - if you do have one make sure it has a naturally scrub substance in it - like sugar scrub or a ground nut. The amount of microbeads from scrub products that end up just sitting in the ocean, with all the wildlife around & eating them is ridiculous. So please, if you do go for a scrub product rather than this sponge (but I 100% recommend this sponge!)  go for a natural one - NO PLASTIC!*


* PR Sample, see my disclaimer here.