Soapnut Salve - Living Naturally

The weather is a little crisp (though still not cold enough for winter in my eyes) and my skin doesn't like it! In the winter I always get really dry skin so I'm always looking to find the right product to help. I was lucky enough to be able to try another fabulous product from Living Naturally, their Bergamot, Ylang, & Rose Soapnut Salve*. 

This product is 100% natural, 90% organic, Vegan Society approved and cruelty-free (they never test their products on animals and they only buy their ingredients from suppliers who don't test on animals). The ingredients in the salve include Bergamot oil - this helps to control excess oil production & heal wounds (it's also a very uplifting oil), Ylang Ylang - a sensuous oil with balancing, anti-ageing & rejuvenating properties and Rose - contains a lot of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants, full of moisturising, calming & skin refining properties. This balm is also infused with seven organic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory soothing herbs. 

This product is so versatile, it is completely effective for not only your hands but your lips, feet & body too. I have used this salve on all those areas, for me my main problem areas are hands & lips. It's so great to have a product that I can use for both (a lot more ecological if I have one product that does it all). And this product does it all fantastically, I will admit it was a bit odd at first using this as a Lip Balm but I soon got used to it and the results spoke for themselves. I do get chapped lips in the winter a fair bit but this has sorted them right out. 

 The above left picture is the salve in the jar, as you can see its pressed in the jar but as soon as you start working with it it spreads (similar to coconut oil) and as with coconut oil - a little goes a long way. With all the ingredients in this Salve, I can probably smell the Bergamot & Rose ingredients the most but these are incredibly subtle. I wouldn't ever choose to go for a Rose scented product (not too keen on floral tones, though I know Rose is very good for sensitive skin) but this mixes well with the Ylang, Bergamot and the other ingredients - it makes for an extremely pleasant smelling product. 

Living Naturally have done something incredibly clever (and amazing in my eyes), they have made a whole range of different products by harnessing the power of Soapnuts. Who knew you could get some many things from Soapnuts! And this is why I have continued (and huge) love for this brand, their ethics are fabulous and these products are made with real care (I must also say the brains behind the brand are extremely nice people too!). 

You can find Living Naturally on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook so make sure you go check them out. 


*PR Sample, please see my disclaimer here