Naturally Sassy

This is a new company for me, another fabulous find  from the Just V Show. Naturally Sassy  snacks are full of superfood goodness for you, these snacks are -

  • High in protein
  • 100% vegan
  • Wheat & Gluten free
  • Raw
  • Have no added sugar

Naturally Sassy do 4 different types of these snacks, I went for the Sassy's Red Velvet - Cashew, Coconut & Pomegranate. I tried a piece of this at their stall and so glad I decided to purchase it. The only ingredients in this snack are Cashews, Dates, Coconut, Beetroot Powder, Raspberry Powder & Pomegranate Powder. All these ingredients have benefits to your body such as immune boosting, detoxifying etc

I had tried some raw protein balls/bars before and these are very similar. But, unlike some iv'e tried in the past - these tasted a lot better. You could really taste the Pomegranate coming through, the coconut on top of the square gives a really nice after taste and mixes with the Pomegranate perfectly. In short, this is a very tasty snack! 

If you can catch them at any vegan food shows/festivals I suggest you check them out. Naturally Sassy do a monthly subscription box or you can buy a box.  Naturally Sassy also do a blog full of delicious cooking tips!