My 'Mu' favourite edition! MuLondon

MuLondon, this company is one of a kind! Firstly, let me list their AMAZING credentials:

  • Products are 100% Vegan
  • Vegan Society registered
  • Cruelty-Free International certified
  • Peta certified
  • Free From - Parabens, Emulsifiers, Mineral Oils, Detergents & Artificial Fragrance's
  • Only Organic & Natural ingredients
  • Palm Oil free

MuLondon is owned by the lovely Boris and his company is based in London, UK, ALL the products are also hand made with all natural ingredients. Since looking into products its shocking what ingredients you find in them - & we're putting that on our skin!

I have three products from MuLondon,

  1. Organic Lavender Foaming Face Wash 
  2. Organic Fragrance-Free Foaming Face Wash *
  3. Organic Hemp Moisturiser

First on the agenda - the Organic Lavender Foaming Face Wash

Step 1. Dampen face with hands.

Step 2. Take a few pumps of the Foam wash into your hands and rub together. Distribute evenly over your face (& neck if you like!).

Step 3. Once your face is completely covered in Mu London goodness, wash off with warm water & pat dry. 

I use this twice a day (& alternate between the two face washes) with no issues & only lovely soft skin!

Organic Fragrance-Free Foaming Foam Wash

This is EQUALLY as effective & wonderful as the Lavender wash, the only difference is the smell. This Foam Wash would be great for those with extra sensitive skin.I have fairly sensitive (& odd) skin & I can comfortably and happily use both, I like to alternate between the two. But for those wanting to play it safe - this would be the perfect option for you! 

Organic Lavender Foaming Face Wash : £13.00, 150ml bottle

Organic Frafrance-Free Foaming Face Wash £13.00, 150ml Bottle

Organic Hemp Moisturiser £15.00, 60ml jar


I would recommend MuLondon to ANYONE. Finding a company that ticks all the credential boxes & does a great job for sensitive skin is hard to find. Definitely one of my top companies!

* PR Sample, read my disclaimer here.


(If you're not too horrified by the picture on the left - here is my view on this Foam Wash) 

This is FABULOUS! I have tried god knows how many cleansers/foam washes, so many different smells, for different skin types & they all make my skin feel different after (often not a good different). This Foam Wash is unlike ANY product I have come across.

The Lavender scent is lovely & strong, I love taking a deep breath in while this product is on my face-so relaxing! This Foam Wash makes my face feel squeaky clean & fresh without making my cheeks tight (which most cleansers do) or drying out my face. There isn't an urgent feeling that you need to moisturise after either. My skin is so smooth after, this really gets the last few bits of make-up/dirt of the the day off! 


Organic Hemp Moisturiser 

This moisturiser wasn't as I had anticipated, it's not in a liquid cream form like most, but rather a mouse type texture. I use this as a night cream straight after using the cleanser, it smells like you would expect a hemp product to smell like -quite an earthy smell, but this isn't unpleasant at all - just different. A little of this product goes a long way, as you start to spread the mouse over your face it melts into your skin, HEAVENLY! The hemp essential oil in the product doesn't leave a greasy residue on my skin either, some products leave my face oilier than it was to begin with! The good thing about this moisturiser is it's not just limited to your face, this cream is great for hands, elbows & any other dry spots. I Love a multi-use product! By morning my skin is replenished & still so soft! These products will stay part of my regime for the foreseeable future for sure! 


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