Laundry - ECOZONE style!

Pre vegan I was a big fan of Ecover, these products always did the job, smelt good and the results were as brilliant every time. However, since going vegan and making more of my products not only cruelty-free but also vegan I decided to branch out on my cleaning products (there is a bit of a issue with Ecover as they have tested some products on Water Fleas to see how much their products effect the ecosystem and naturally, so not so cruelty-free as I'd like). So I wanted to find a product that did the same brilliant job but one that also has the two important credentials. 

It took quite a while to get to Ecozone, I headed straight to Big Green Smile for ideas on products. I ordered two laundry liquid's from Earth Friendly Products, one fragrance free & the other lavender. This company has the two symbols of approval I need, however I must say the fragrance free although it cleans okay it doesn't work so well on dirty/stained products (especially if it's been a rather hot day!). The lavender one held up slightly better but sadly didn't clean quite as thoroughly as Ecover. I will say I do love a lot of Earth Friendly Products, other products that I have tried by them are very effective, reasonable & don't harm the animals or environment! (if you did want to look at these in the shops rather than online I know TK Maxx sells some of their products). I also purchased Faith In Nature's laundry liquid, this smelt a bit menthol/medical initially in the bottle but once it has cleaned the clothes it is fragrance free. This again, didn't do the job as well as Ecover

Ecozone was my next step - and what a leap! I purchased the Non Bio Concentrated Laundry Liquid (£9.99 for 50 washes) & Pure & Tallow Free Fabric Conditioner (£3.49 for 37 washes) these both have the Vegan Society logo and the Cruelty-Free International logo on. These both smell equally LOVELY in the bottle and on my washing. My clothes come out clean, fresh and fragrant (not too over powering but a nice fresh, clean smell). 

Ecozone has come up on top for me so far and is well worth the money. These products last a long time and work very well, even in big loads of washing.