Humblestuff is a brand I saw on a lovely picture from Mo'adore - a household range that was cruelty-free & vegan, I had to investigate! Humblestuff products are handmade in Scotland, they offer Soft Cleaning Paste, Toilet Fresheners and Multi-Surface Spray. I have in fact tried all these wonderful products but this particular post is going to be about the Multi-Surface Spray. 

I much prefer independent companies & brands to bigger mainstream ones, there seems to be so much on offer & choice nowadays. Another major advantage to this is the people behind the companies have huge passion for their products & ethics. Humblestuff is no different, I got in touch initially to ask some questions about their products and Marie (the brains behind the business) was only to happy to help. Humblestuff products are all cruelty-free & vegan and as I mentioned, handmade.

Every order is made to your needs & freshly made (so you know it hasn't been sitting there for years & there is no compromise on effectiveness) , they offer various different scents so you can pick your favourite. The current fragrances - Blood Orange (currently a limited edition Halloween scent); Lemon Myrtle; Grapefruit; Peppermint; Lavender; Sweet Orange & Clove; Lime & Eucalyptus & Fragrance Free.

I went for the Lime & Eucalyptus - a gorgeous, fresh scent that I can't get enough of (Bazinga seems keen too!). This product is free from artificial fragrances & preservatives and is made from 100% pure essential oils & organic Castile Soap. This surface cleaner can be used not only on your usual surfaces like the table top or bathroom, this is also safe on wood surfaces! (One that does all the jobs - perfect!). 

This spray cleans extremely well and leaves the surfaces (& room) smelling lovely! I love this product so much I have already made a re-purchase. This spray is £5 for a 500ml bottle, I found one bottle lasted me a few months and I used it at least once a day.

You can check out Humblestuff over on their website and learn a bit more about the company, I love their logo and how the whole website looks - a lovely earthly feel (and super sleek). Marie & Humblestuff are very active on social media, you can find them on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. To purchase you can go through their website or head straight to their Etsy shop

Please do check them out, this is a brand I whole heartedly recommend!