Harpers Bizarre Candles

Harpers Bizarre is a brand of candles I first came into contact with quite a few months ago through my Vegan Kind Box. This candle company is Vegan Society certified, a fabulous certification that I haven't seen on any other candle company (even though they say they are cruelty-free & vegan, I haven't seen this great credential on their products).

These candles are hand made by Victoria Harper (the brains & artistic talent behind these gems) and are of course vegan & cruelty-free. The candles are made from Soy Wax, this Wax is much better for the atmosphere & much better for you (breathing in wise) than standard Paraffin Wax candles and you get a much longer (& cleaner) burn time from this Wax. For those with allergies etc (as candles can be a problem sometimes), I am Asthmatic and have had no problems with these candles (fabulous news as I have a few). This is a double wick candle and you get around 20 hours burn time. The wick is made from cotton and all the Wax comes from sustainable resources. The candle tins can also be recycled (or reused by yourself for something as I have done) and the brand uses recycled paper where possible. Harpers Bizarre also supports Dog Sanctuaries with their charity candles (with a certain amount from each charity candle purchased going to a Dog Sanctuary/Charity of their choice) - So this brand is nice to animals in every aspect. 

With every candle order you get a lovely leaflet showing the whole range of their candles and some top tips for getting the most out of your candles. Reading through this & the Harpers website you feel the passion for the products oozing of the pages. Making good candles really is an art, on the 'About Us' bit on their website there is this sentence - "I get really irritated when a fragranced candle doesn't smell. Of anything. Ever. Except when you sniff it in the shop". This is something I find a LOT (similar to herbal tea's) with candles unfortunately, some don't deliver.  

 Harpers Bizarre certainly DO deliver (unlike the postman on most days) I have tried every candle I have of theirs (and I'm reaching 7 now) and they all have delivered what they're supposed to. The gorgeous scents ran throughout my house (each of the different scents doing an equally good job) and most importantly, when they were burning they smelt as good as they did unlit. 

There are 7 categorys of candles on their website - Floral, Fresh, Aromatics,  Harpers & HomeSeasonal (depending on....the season!), Charity and my favourite - Patisserie. I can say hand on heart these candles are amazing, delectable and deliciously smelling!

As you can also tell from my list, all the candles are named very uniquely (and imaginatively) which I love! It's very hard to say my favourite so far, I loved the Jingle Bells leading up to Christmas. But I equally like the more Blueberry scents (Blueberry USA & Little Black Cat) and the Vanilla scents (New York Cheesecake & Black Vanilla) as you can read - it's very hard to choose a favourite. The large candle tins are £8 each or three for £20 (which is a great bargain & excuse to stock up) and they really do last a long time. 

You can Find Harpers Bizarre on TwitterInstagram and make sure you check out their website.