Friendly Soap for your skin

For years I've always had dry hands, used countless scrubs and moisturisers to help my hands but over time I realised it was to do with the soap I actually use to wash & clean my hands. There an be so many ingredients in soap these days that dry your hands out, some that are to strong for your skin etc. I have fairly sensitive skin - especially in the winter my hands really do suffer. But never fear, Friendly Soap Co is here! 

Friendly Soap Co is a brand I came across in my Vegan Kind Box a few months ago, it included the Lemongrass & Hemp soap bar. I had wanted explore solid soaps for a while and this was perfect (I also liked this bar so much I purchased a few more!) I then went on to purchase the above left soap - Aloe Vera

Friendly Soap Co facts- 

  • Cruelty-Free International certified
  • Vegan Society certified
  • Free from Palm Oil, Parabens, SLS. 
  • Natural soaps
  • Handmade

I try to be as ecological as possible with my cosmetics, either no packaging or packaging as jars (so there's no waste like in a bottle). So these soaps hit that criteria for me and the most important thing is that all products from this company are cruelty-free (and vegan). I was sceptical before hand, were they going to lather up like other pump hand soaps? Would they clean well? Would they dry my skin out? 

There was no need for my reservations both these soaps were superb, these soaps are of course not limited to hand washing, you can use them for any area. The Aloe Vera soap is Fragrance Free which is nice (also perfect for a body soap as well as a hand soap - great for sensitive skin!). This lathers up after water is added and there is no over powering scent, but my hands feel lovely & fresh after using this. Most importantly my skin feels nice and clean!

Lemongrass & Hemp are two of my top ingredients, Lemongrass I find is such a fresh scent and I have seen it a lot recently in greener & more natural products (very popular!). Hemp is a lovely moisturising ingredient, I am a huge fan hemp skincare products for this reason. This again is a lovely soap, there are bits of natural scrub within this bar so its a great exfoliant too.  I will probably just stick to using this on my hands though (mainly because I love smelling my hands after using this!) but also I may not need the scrub effect every day all over. I will however carry on using the Aloe Vera for everything else. I was so happy that even though these two soaps contain different ingredients - neither dried out my skin and I will certainly be using these through the winter months to help keep my skin hydrated. 

These soaps (and all products from the brand) are extremely reasonable, they also do gift sets (yes - I have got Christmas in mind already!). 

Aloe Vera - £1.99 for 1 bar

Lemongrass & Hemp - £1.99 for 1 bar

I have a few more Friendly Soap Co products, going on my experience so far I imagine they will be brill!