Faith In Nature

Faith In Nature, in my eyes, are the head of cruelty-free & vegan haircare, they have ALL the right credentials - they are certified by Cruelty-Free International, The Vegan Society and have certified Organic Ingredients. If you're starting out on making your products cruelty-free, go to this brand straight away. They're a brilliant place to start, reliable & quality products and they do their job brilliantly! Even if you don't use cruelty-free products, I would thoroughly recommend you try this brand (I guarantee it'l be one of the best brands you've ever used & convince you that cruelty-free is the better option!) , they have so many different scented products there is something for everyone. Their products include Shampoo & Conditioner, Shower Gel (which also doubles up for bubble bath & wash), Hand Wash, Solid Soap, all Skincare (face wipes, body lotion, hand lotion, face moisturiser & deodorant), Baby Care, Pet Care and Home Care products (cleaning sprays & laundry liquid). So, as you can see - they do a HUGE range. 

I do want to mention all Faith In Nature products are free from genetically modified ingredients, synthetic colourings or fragrances, SLS or Parabens or artificial preservatives (free from all the bad stuff and they still do a fantastic job!). 

Aloe Vera Shampoo & Conditioner*

Aloe Vera is such a soothing scent & is super calming for your skin, so I knew this would do my hair some good. As these are Aloe Vera scented, the liquid is green (my favourite colour) and it comes out nice and thick. With some more organic products they can be a bit watery in consistency and not foam up because of the lack of SLS. However, with these my hair lathered up so much it didn't disappoint there. This shampoo was easy to wash out, once rinsed my hair felt squeaky clean. But my hair definitely always needs conditioner, I dye my hair and so have to take care of it. I put this conditioner all over my hair (including a bit near the roots). Once washed out my hair felt super soft (and there was no tangles - the wonders of conditioner!), smelt lovely & there was no greasy residue near my roots (which some conditioners do). I have noticed my hair takes longer to blow dry (sounds odd I know) with some heavier haircare products. Even though these were thick & moisturising my hair felt light as a feather & dried in no time.

I love this duo, it's one of my favourites - priced at £5.35 each (though there is an offer on their website currently - get in quick!) these two are perfectly priced for the quality products they are (plus they have ALL the right credentials and a little goes a long way) . I try to stay away from products with a lot of packaging now but the bottles are fully recyclable and its nice to mix it up with these and the shampoo bars I use. This Shampoo & Conditioner is a Faith In Nature star combination, they're such an awesome brand I whole heartedly recommend you try at least one product from them. 

You can catch Faith In Nature on Twitter, Facebook and their website. You can also grab this brand at the online store Big Green Smile.

*PR Sample, see my disclaimer here.