Cruelty-Free blogger meet at Gorilla Perfumes : Part 1

Since becoming cruelty-free the one thing that has been a constant & ever growing is the online blogging cruelty-free community. We all get on well, especially on our cruelty-free bloggers chat on twitter (which takes place every Thursday 9-10pm). Danie, a regular blogger discussed setting up a meet for us all and so the cruelty-free blogger meet up at Gorilla Perfumes was born! 

Gorilla Perfumes are the perfume range owned by LUSH, I had only come into contact with these in the LUSH stores. There was a lot more perfume stock here in the Islington shop too which was great. This store holds an experience for anyone visiting, Gorilla has taken a very interesting and unique edge to perfume. When you visit the store you are encouraged to go into the music booth and listen to records and smell various scents while you do so. This triggers off memories, or makes you think of something specific - a setting/an action and in doing so you have a real connection with the product. 

Our visit very much included making these connections for ourselves. After our first half of the event we were blessed with music from Broken Forest (above left picture). These musicians did a lovely set for us and each song was connected to a scent in the shop for specific reasons close to them. While the music was playing the chosen scent was flowing around the room, making us all make our own connection to the scent & song. 

This was such a lovely event, well organised and I was just great to finally meet my fellow cruelty-free bloggers that I have been in many great conversations with on twitter. The above right picture includes my favourite ladies Danie (the lovely event organiser) and Amie - both fabulous! 

Gorilla Perfumes can be found in Islington, make sure you make a visit!