Cruelty-Free blogger meet at Gorilla Perfumes : Part 2

One thing that struck me was the the passion of the company, we were taken through the journey of how they actually source their ingredients. Gorilla & LUSH like to have that connection with their ingredients, where & who they're getting them from and how it will effect the local ecosystem and local industry. The staff showed real compassion for the people the company go to for ingredients, you don't often find a company who cares this much. I found listening to the people who do this job every day and who clearly live and breath for this company was extremely interesting and informative. 

This perfect bloggers event was topped off with a lovely goody back filled with the "On the trail of the Sandalwood smugglers" book, samples of 8 of the perfumes from the shop and we got a jolly nice bag for life with a banana on! I did make a few purchases myself, I couldn't help buying the gorilla bag (you can never have too many bags for life right?) and I brought two different perfumes in two different forms. Furze as a spray and All good Things as a solid perfume (both fairly sweet & glorious smells). 

If you're a fan of LUSH and you haven't been here - make a point of fitting it in somewhere. If you're not a fan of LUSH (seriously?) but it's worth going in there, its nice to find a personal company that takes so much care in their products & company and you're sure to find something you love. It's also great to invest in a decent company, supporting the cruelty-free industry is a massive plus! 

Gorilla Perfumes - check em out!