By The Lock

By The Lock is a handmade bag business run by Chloe Green in her home town of Leeds. I had come across Chloe on Twitter and seen some of the fantastic work she's done and decided I wanted something from her brand. 

A little about Chloe and her brand, Chloe focus' on individuality - she uses vintage and re-purposes fabrics. There is often a limited supply of each piece of material, this means she makes things in small batches and often things are one of a kind (this is what I LOVE). Chloe's aim is "to make useful, durable pieces that are beautiful and original", and I can confirm she certainly does that! By The Lock supports the local & independent sellers in Leeds and uses their fabric shops for her stock. By The Lock also uses no animal derived products (one of the main pulls for me!). 

I was after a bag that would be good for work & one that I could fit a fair bit into for my commuting journeys (and one with a zip - essential for keeping pick pockets at bay!) Chloe was extremely nice & accommodating - quite a few emails went back and forth as we were discussing material options (I was after some fabric with a nature or animal theme). The great thing is that Chloe is only too happy to make custom orders, there's not a lot of business' that spend that much time on their customer service! Chloe already had some fabric stock but I was still looking for that perfect fabric that caught my eye. Within the next few days Chloe emailed me about 5/6 images of fabrics she found that might appeal to me. Chloe had done it - I saw one I instantly loved and so she got to work. There was a quick turn around on this bag too, this being a hand made item you really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this product.

The finished product was a lovely tote bag (see pictures above) , I am super happy with this bag and I know I will be purchasing from By The Lock in the future. This bag only cost £22 too, for a handmade product from a trusted resource It's 100% worth every penny.

You can find Chloe at By The Lock , if you have something in mind Chloe is only to happy to help. Alternatively, you can take a look at her Etsy store too which has products that she has already made.