Beautiful Blogger Award: Nomination

I have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Firstly I didn't know there was such a fantastic thing around and secondly - what a great way to spread the blogs love! I was nominated by the fabulous Pretty Harmless. It was so nice, not to only have the nomination but the fact that to know that at least someone regularly reads my blog posts is awesome! I have only been doing this for a few months but I love it! I love the HUGE blogging community there is, especially the cruelty-free bloggers who are fab, I love learning new things & finds from all of them and hope I have helped a few people with my blog  along the way! 

Seven random facts about myself:

  1. I LOVE films & TV series, I have a DVD collection of 500+ (last time I counted it went over 550).
  2. The Minions make me laugh practically every time i seem them on screen. 
  3. My cat is one of the two lights of my life (guesses on the other one?) 
  4. I hated University but I believe everything happens for a reason, it all slotted in rather nicely with my career even though i changed what i wanted to do. 
  5. I regret not going through a Gothic/Punk/Rock style phase in my teens (however, I am working on it now).
  6. I WISH I persisted with guitar lessons when at school, I would love to have that skill & I would have loved performing in a band!(I am truly jealous of anyone who can play an instrument - a great skill)
  7. I hope before I die I get the chance to take a commercial flight out into space to see a glimpse of the wonders of the universe. 


My Beautiful Blogger Award nominations (These gals are not only great bloggers, but jolly nice to talk to!)

  • Lovely Witches Gemima has been brilliant, one of the first cruelty-free bloggers i came across. Gemima talks about all things Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian & Vegan beauty. A true fountain of knowledge (and has been a massive help for me on becoming cruelty-free)
  • Mo'adore Morag has some really interesting things going on over at her blog. From cruelty-free beauty to food and music. Always a lovely read & she has some smashing recommendations. 
  • Lucadonta Lucianna covers travel, books, films and cruelty-free. Lucianna has left a few comments on some of my posts which is lovely & I always love a few good tweets on the cruelty-free blogging hour with this lady! 
  • Spiked Black Tee This chick is one cool customer! SBTee posts about all things cruelty-free, alternative fashion and everything in between. I love her style and she has helped me particularly on finding some Vegan Shoe wear (very grateful).
  • My Fruity Kitchen  Kerry's blog is full of delicious treats. Looking at her page just makes me wish I had made these things & I shall definitely be doing a few recipes this summer! A truly lovely selection of cruelty-free yummy goodness. 
  • The V Nice Life Sarah is a blogger I have met fairly recently on Twitter, a fellow Essex lady with a lot of very nice things to say! Sarah has a love of animals like myself and writes about all things Vegan, Vegetarian and generally very nice things! 
  • Caring Cosmetics Lizzie is has a plethora of product reviews, if you're wondering about something, Lizzie has probably tried it! She has helped me on a few occasions and especially on more eco options for feminine care. 

I hope you enjoy taking a wonder around their blogs, there's some cracking reads! Thanks again Pretty Harmless for the nomination!