'Astonish'..... Yourself - Cranberry & Cinnamon Hand Soap

Astonish is one of the leading brands in cruelty-free, their range is full of reasonable & quality products. Not only are all the products from this brand Cruelty-Free International certified but 68 out of 70 products are certified by the Vegan Society (the two products that are not certified vegan do not contain any animal derived ingredients however & of course these like the other products are not tested on animals, please see their website for more information on these), you can also read their cruelty-free stance here

 I have tried quite a few Astonish products recently and this Cranberry & Cinnamon Hand Soap* is by far my favourite! Not only is it a gorgeous colour but the smell is intoxicating. I'm usually not a fan of cinnamon, I mostly steer well clear of it as it can be very overpowering - so I was apprehensive if I would actually like this scent. Well, I could not believe the smell, the Cinnamon goes PERFECTLY with the Cranberry and it is such a scrumptious delight to sniff. It feels like Christmas every time I wash my hands! This soap is also antibacterial so you can be sure you're getting a good clean as well as having a lush smell on your hands. Some antibacterial soaps can be really drying for your skin (I have sensitive skin too, especially on my hands in the winter) but this soap hasn't made my skin dry or itch at all. 

Overall this is a fabulous product, it cleans well, it smells DELICIOUS and it is extremely reasonable. For a 500ml bottle this can be priced between 99p - £2.00 (depending on where you shop & what soap you choose). You can find where to buy Astonish products here, all the Astonish products are so reasonable but they do not compromise on effectiveness. If you haven't tried them I definitely recommend making a purchase! 

*PR Sample, see my disclaimer here.