Anandas - Marshmallows never tasted so good!

Those of you who are a vegan I'm sure will be no stranger to the fabulous Anandas products - a force in cruelty-free & vegan treats! (For those of you who aren't - check it out!) They make a DELICIOUS Waggon Wheel called 'Round Up'(I have had quite a few of these) they do two versions of this - both using gelatine free marshmallow (all the taste without the cruelty!). 

I have tried some of the Anandas marshmallows before, the Vanilla ones - very tasty. I'd been meaning to try a few more so I was so thrilled to see Anandas had a stall at the Just V Show I went to recently and took this chance to sample some more products. Anandas has got a LOT more flavours of marshmallows now in their product range which is great. It was hard to pick but I went for the new Mocha flavour. A wise choice (and recommendation from someone on the Anandas stall) .

As you can see from the above middle picture, these marshmallows look like chocolaty bundles of yummyness and have a similar look to a brownie. They were as I initially suspected - delicious! Better than the vanilla for me, the vanilla was tasty of course but it is lovely to have a bit of chocolate & coffee on the marshmallow. Not only are these treats covered with a chocolaty mocha coating but the actual marshmallow has the delectable mocha flavour running through it. These marshmallow squares are also topped with a drizzle of Dark Belgian Chocolate. Unlike non-vegan marshmallows , these aren't covered in sugar (which is a good thing) and yet they still have a great texture outside and in.

These products carry the Vegan Society label of approval, you get a good amount in the packet (though be warned - you will probably munch them all in one or two sessions!). Priced at £3.75, these treats are well worth the money. This flavour will be a repurchase for me for sure and I can't wait to try some of the other new flavours!