A voice of the Orca's - Dr Jeffrey Ventre

SeaWorld has been in the press a lot, especially with the release of the documentary Blackfish a few years ago. I was honoured to be able to interveiw Blackfish cast member and senior ex-trainer at SeaWorld, Dr Jeffrey Ventre. In the interview we discuss further into captivity, some science behind the logic and how SeaWorld like to trick the public & cover up by saying pure lies. 

If you feel angered by what you've been listening to - this is the normal reaction. There is no doubt that the captivity of these wonderful creatures is wrong. The only ones who refuse to accept this is SeaWorld and this is for one reason - money. SeaWorld clearly believe it is ok to treat animals like this for human entertainment and profit. 

If you would like to help you can get involved in a few ways - 

  1. DON'T go to SeaWorld.
  2. Tell ALL your family & friends they shouldn't go and tell them why. 
  3. Get as many people as you can to watch Blackfish (available from the Blackfish movie site or Amazon)
  4. Spread the word and knowledge as much as you can. 
  5. Follow people & organisations via social media to help inform & spread the word. 
  6. Accounts to follow: Voice Of The Orcas, Empty The Tanks, Peta, Peta UK, Peta 2
  7. Support organisations fighting against captivity and the murder of innocent Whales & Dolphins. 
  8. Follow - Sea Shepherd USA, Sea Shepherd, Sea Shepherd UK, Whale & Dolphin Conservation
  9. Lastly, it helped me to appreciate these phenomenal creatures - invest in some David Attenborough DVD's/Blu Rays. (I suggest Life Stories, Life and The Blue Planet).

If you want to go see these creatures one day - go to them in their natural habitat and observe from a far. They don't belong in a tank so please, please, PLEASE don't contribute to their captivity.