My name is Mica (phonetically pronounced Mee-sha, as I know some of you are reading the screen not quite sure on that, don't worry, I get it all the time) and welcome to my blog. 

A little about me; I am an animal lover and vegan. A body positive woman who loves her curves. An advocate for the environment and animals where I can and generally trying to do my bit - but there is always more we could do so it is a constant learning curve.

The documentary Blackfish COMPLETELY changed my life and it went on from there like a wrecking ball. I started exploring a cruelty-free lifestyle, from the cosmetics and make-up I used to the food on my plate. My life changed for the better and I wouldn't ever go back to living in the 'matrix' as I call it. 

On my blog you will find a mix of cruelty-free and vegan posts with some environmental and animal related subjects thrown in. I really hope you enjoy my blog and hopefully it inspires you to look further into living a cruelty-free lifestyle.  


Disclaimer- All views & opinions on are my own and completely honest. This applies to all product posts, be it a PR samples, gifted item or items I have personally brought. When I have been lucky enough to receive a PR sample I will indicate this in the post with * and include a footnote in the post stating this.