My name is Mica (phonetically pronounced Mee-sha, as I know some of you are reading the screen not quite sure on that, don't worry, I get it all the time) and welcome to my blog. 

A little about me; I am an animal lover (As you may have seen from some of my blog posts). Where I can I support & campaign for animal rights, the ocean, the planet and generally encourage people to do all they can to help those causes. The documentary 'Blackfish' particularly changed my life, since watching it I feel it is my duty to help all I can to bring an end to orca captivity. It is something I feel incredibly passionate about, I am also part of the team at The Whale Sanctuary Project. This is a project that I believe in with every fibre of my being, please go check it out! 

I am vegan, no I'm not going to ramble on, however, choosing this lifestyle is one of the best things I have done in my life so far. Just to assure vegan diet doubters out there, your hair doesn't fall out and you don't get Osteoporosis - I am perfectly healthy and get everything I need to keep my body ticking along nicely. So ignore those myths, give it a go - see how you do. 

On my blog you will find a mix of cruelty-free and vegan foods, drinks and products. There will also be posts on animal and environmental issues that I feel are important and need to be shared. I really hope you enjoy my blog and hopefully it inspires you to look further into living a cruelty-free lifestyle.  



Disclaimer- All views & opinions on are my own and completely honest. This applies to all product posts, be it a PR samples, gifted item or items I have personally brought. When I have been lucky enough to receive a PR sample I will indicate this in the post with * and include a footnote in the post stating this.